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The Business Of Making Money

Power, Purpose & Productivity

When it comes to making money, you are running your own business.  Whether you are working for yourself or working for someone else you are working for yourself and for someone else! 

Making money is your business or your business isn't making money.  Making money is what any business must be about if it is to stay in business.

You are your own boss and your own employee, even if you are on salary in a business owned by someone else.  The most important ingredient for making money is for both the boss and the employee to remain consistently focused on and engaged in productive work for pay.

To be as financially productive as possible center your time around that aim.  Become deliberately obsessed by your goal's achievement, without losing your balance!  This sounds contradictory, but there's a way that it's not.   

Emotional balance, meaning relaxation and enjoyment of what you are doing, is essential for the highest level of real productivity.  Real productivity means that you are making the best choices and demonstrating the highest level of proficiency.  The opposite is false productivity, when you are keeping busy but doing poor work.

Another aspect of balance has to do with your multiple needs.  You must take time out for family and friends, for rest, for recreation. We cannot endlessly do any one thing non-stop.  We need to take breaks and alternate our focus to recharge our batteries. 

We are multi-faceted, meaning we have multiple interests, like our children's happiness, our marital harmony, and our health and fitness. But our financial lives impact all of this.  Centering your life around your financial goals simply means that you engage in all other aspects of your life in right measure, with the aim of refreshing and supporting your highest possible level of goal-focused, proficient productivity. 

Dedicating yourself to your business's financial success will do more than make you money.  It will also fuel you with a sense of life-purpose.  There is joy in fully applying ourselves to a goal we want to reach. 

To be your own best employee you need to enjoy what you are doing, and this requires your expression and development of your primary interests, skills, talents, and inspiration through your work.  When you incorporate these in your work you bring the spark of passion to what you do, giving you the motivation to do extra work for the sake of excellence, driving you to persevere in the face of any kind of adversity or challenge.

Whatever you are doing can be translated into work that you love doing.  It just takes some imaginativeness.  Think with an open mind about how you can turn what you must do into what you want to do and you will come up with ideas.

For instance, while filing papers may not be your favorite task, think about how every sheet you file properly is contributing to the goal you want to reach.  If you would rather be writing a book, singing a song, or piloting a plane, think about how the skills you are exercising can be applied to those other activities.  There are basic skills of efficiency, observation, accuracy, attentiveness, discipline, etc. that are universal to all enterprises.

To keep your life on purpose keep your attention focused on your goal.  Your energy follows the direction of your attention.  Holding your attention on your goal enables you to be as productive as possible for that goal.

To help me do this I write the word GOAL on a piece of paper and focus on that word whenever I am not actively engaged in productive work, or whenever I'm not sure about what to do next.  Even glancing at it while I am working helps me to remember what I want my work to contribute to.

When I glance at the word "GOAL" (sometimes I silently affirm it over and over in my mind) I recall my intention to presently engage 100% of my power in the accomplishment of my goal (in a calm, confident, relaxed manner).

To come up with ways to reach your goal spend time thinking about what it is and how you would like to achieve it (I call these "how-goals" .  This may not look very productive, but it is highly productive. 

The clearer you are about where you want to go and how you want to get there the easier it is to remain consistently productive for it.  For instance, one of my business goals is to achieve a certain income level through an abundance of professional speaking and writing opportunities.  My mind touches on this goal countless times throughout every day.

Additionally, though, I sometimes clear my mind of my specific "how-goals" and simply open up in a prayerful way to receive higher guidance pertinent to fulfilling my highest possible earning potential through work that feels truly right for me.

The point being made here is that the more time you invest into a particular goal's achievement the sooner you achieve that goal. 

No matter where you are or what is going on, you can find a way to use your time here and now to help you to progress toward your goal, even if it is nothing more than thinking about your intention to achieve it. 

It's important to understand, however, that goal-clarity comes and goes.  Once you have a clear vision of exactly what you want to accomplish, that vision sinks down below your conscious mind into your subconscious mind, where it acts like a seed that has been planted in the earth.  If you dig up the seed by insisting on clearly recalling the exact details of your goal, you kill it.

Just focusing on the word GOAL can prove sufficient to activate your subconscious into aligning your present functioning with accomplishing that goal.  It will generate ideas for what you can say, think, feel or do right here and now to contribute to the achievement of what you want.  Act on your ideas, your inspiration, your intuition and don't permit the logical mind to dissuade you with pessimistic expectations of futility. 

Remember the first principle of work, which states: Work works.  In other words, everything you do for what you want works by taking you a step further.  Even when efforts seem fruitless, they prove fruitful by teaching you lessons, building momentum and, based on the law of averages, improving the odds that you reach your goal.

In closing, remember that the word business literally means busy-ness.  You really are always busy saying, thinking, feeling or doing something, and that something is producing some kind of effect.  Even how you walk, talk, sit, dress, eat, exercise, and groom yourself impacts your life's direction.

Every thought and emotional reaction directs your life.  As you resist the urge to let your emotional reactions distract your thinking away from your goal you harness more power to reach your goal.

As you become more conscious of what you are saying, thinking, feeling and doing in the present moment you can gradually shape those forces to work better and better for you.  By giving direction to your attention, time and energy moment-by-moment you put your incessant busy-ness to work, instead of squandering your present opportunity to reach your goals most quickly.

We gain control of our thoughts, feelings, speech and actions by degrees.  As you work on remaining goal-focused more and more continuously you work better and better for yourself. 

The business of making money can be summed up simply as follows: keeping engaged and focused in productive activity aimed at delivering you to your financial goal pays.

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