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The Inner Way To A Perfect World

People have been trying to create a perfect world through an outer approach to no avail.  There is an inner way, however, that cannot fail.


The inner way has to do with our state of consciousness.


There really is no inner or outer when we speak about consciousness.  All you experience is in your consciousness.  You cannot be aware of anyone or anything outside of your consciousness.  This is not as obvious as one might expect, though.


Consciousness makes things seem to exist outside of us.  It seems as though your physical environment, including the people in it, are outside of you. 

It appears that your physical body demarks the boundary between what is inside you and what is outside you, but this is just an illusion, because your awareness of your physical body and every sensation that reports your physical surroundings exist in your consciousness. 


Even our thought-world appears to be outside of us. When you think, for example, about how another feels about you, the world you live in is entirely imaginary.  It exists in your mind.  You are giving yourself that mind-experience by imagining it.  If your awareness sinks too deeply into that imaginary experience you don't realize that you are imagining it and relate to it as your external reality.


The world you live in is in your mind. 


Trying to grasp, create or hold onto external conditions, like a romantic partner, a sum of money, someone's approval, your physical looks, or a job you believe you need is like trying to take hold of your reflection in the mirror. 


To change what shows up in the reflection, change what creates it.


Concentrate on the feeling of love filling your heart and radiating from there to fill your body, and then feel it expanding to contain the universe.   Imagine more and more power in that feeling.  As you do this consistently you will see your circumstances reflecting that feeling with people and conditions demonstrating more loving interest in and support for you.


To find people who treat you as more valuable, who demonstrate more value for your time, for your input, for your inclusion, don't seek ways to prove your worth to anyone; don't try to manipulate people in any way to relate more respectfully to you.  Instead, deliberately live in the feeling of your own self-value more and more deeply, powerfully and expansively.


If negative self-judgment thoughts come up to block you from feeling your self-value, try to drop thinking and concentrate on your feelings.


If you find people in your life rejecting you, relating to you as replaceable, forgetting about appointments with you, treating you without regard for your feelings, putting you down, you are witnessing the reflection of feelings of low self-value that you have been living in, consciously or unconsciously.


The universe is constantly giving us feedback to show us how we need to redirect our attention for more harmonious life-condition reflections.


If someone you want to feel closer to seems disconnected from you, deepen your connection with yourself by getting more in touch with how you feel, by allowing yourself to feel what you feel fully and freely.  You will then find people demonstrating a deeper connection with you. 


Along this line of exploration into life's mysteries we can discuss the great power of appreciation.  The more appreciation you feel, the more benefit you derive from the universe.  Don't wait for things to change to inspire your appreciation. 

Experience more feelings of appreciation and things will reflect that in presenting more to appreciate.


Feeling appreciation is one of the most powerful acts of consciousness. Feelings of appreciation for yourself and your life as perfect reveals the perfection of your  world.


Feeling is the deepest level of your consciousness. The inner way to a perfect world means intentionally dwelling in harmonious feeling states more and more of the time.   


Based on the principle that whatever feeling you focus on grows more powerful, the more you focus on your harmonious feeling states the more powerful they become and the more perfection you see in your world.

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