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Awaken To Your True Ambition: Follow Your Joy To Success And Prosperity

Singing your song with all your heart, soul, spirit and ability is your true ambition.  You want to reach the world with the vibration of harmony and love that glorifies your true, essential being.  You want the world to quiver in rapture to the sacred melody that makes you feel whole.  This is your true spiritual urge and worldly ambition.


You fulfill this ambition as soon as you open your heart to your sacred song’s outflow.   Whatever position you are in, a trash collector, a CEO, a “stay at home parent”, an artist without a single completed paining yet, a man in terror of losing it all, you are in essence a musician


Music is not the sound that instruments make, but the inner feeling of harmony that the sound causes to quake the sleeping heart awake.


Your soul-song is the joy in your sacred love song, clearly felt by you.  This is the “voice” of your essence, what the ancient Greek Shaman Empedocles referred to as your Sphiros, the pure state of Perfect  LOVE that created you.  It is your expression of the God of Love that rules the world.  Thus, singing it gives you command over the world.


You Live In Your Consciousness


You live in your consciousness.  If you hold onto the thought of your separation from the universe then you live in that lonely and pointless state of separation.  Drop that thought and let your invisible, ineffable spirit-song flow freely from your heart, without limiting thought.  Feel its wholeness and you feel the whole universe in concordant resonance with it.  You are now touching the heart and soul of every human being, every living creature, every plant and stone and star.  This is true marketing as, at the soul level, all becomes aware of you and of the beauty you have to share.


The Secret Of True Time-Management


There is nothing stopping you from expressing your Divine gifts and talents, inspiration and love to the fullest right now but the limiting beliefs that you hold onto.  You believe that you cannot afford to sing your song right now, or that you have other pressing matters before you.  You believe that you have responsibilities that prevent you from doing what you really want to do, which is to express your harmony freely and fully all the time.


You may believe falsely that you do not have the time, but here is the principle of true time management: You always have the time to take care of your top priority, and you never really have the time for anything else.  You just have to identify what your top priority is, and that priority can be summed up as follows: to live life more abundantly.


To live life more abundantly means allowing the flow of more abundant life within youWhat is it that opens the flow of life within you?  It is the flow of love flowing through you.  This is what you are living for.  Some believe that love can only be felt with the person that one wants to be with.  But consider this poetic piece:


Love Grows Alone


Love.  What is Love?

As my heart opens up like a cavern,

How do you describe the energy that comes rushing in,

The adoring ache?

You do not need another.  You can love more without one.

Let the hot tumult melt the ice in your chest.

You can live in all the beauty that cracks your heart open.

Who needs another to quench this flame.

Let absence stoke it higher.


What is your true business?  Can you imagine how much more prosperous your business will be when you mind your true business, which is to openly share all the love your heart can stand to feel with all who walk in the door as well as with all who pass by the door, and with all who do not even consciously know of the existence of business?  Your joy song will ignite the rapture in all who come in contact with the vibrations emanating from your open, loving heart, and those vibrations emanate everywhere in no time.  Thus are all drawn to you, to experience more of what you are experiencing.  They will relate with your product or service as the means through which they can have that experience – the experience of life more abundant, and they will be correct in doing so; for all that comes from your labor (which is no labor at all, being a labor of love) then becomes a vehicle through which your love flows.


You might feel the urge to do something to grow your business, to grow your abundance.  Feel that urge as love.  Then let your love direct your action.  In other words, do that which expresses your love, feeds your love, frees your love.  If you believe in any condition blocking your free expression of love in the now your belief is the only block.  You don’t need more Internet knowledge.  You don’t need more referrals.  You don’t need more contacts, more training, more capital.


If I was to have the opportunity to speak at your place of business I would have everyone go into silence, to close their eyes, and to open their hearts.  I would have each member of your organization feel the sense of pure love flowing through his and her heart, flowing freely, into the world, into the whole universe, and then abide a while in that sacred vibration of the Sphiros, of the loving soul of all.  How this would energize your people!  And how this would get The Word (the vibration) out that this is the place to go for life more abundant, for healing, for relief, for service, for a smile that is authentically caring and joyful, for products that work.


Release Your Joy-Song


If you are a struggling artist or other type of professional, or an aspiring professional, this is what I would advise to you:  Stop holding off your joy-song.  Be in the spirit of your loving inspiration now and don’t imagine any boundaries to its reach.  Then watch to see how your inner harmony produces outer harmony, beauty, order, balance in your circumstances.  Your joy-song is magnetic!  Like a magnet that organizes iron-filings into an orderly pattern, the song in your heart released imposes harmonious order on your physical conditions by law.


There is beauty available to be experienced in all situations, be it the most exhilarating win or the most devastating loss.  Let no one damper your capacity for experiencing your heart filled with the feelings of sheer beauty.  There is as much beauty to be found in grief as there is in any other situation.  You can find beauty in a jail cell that matches or even excels the beauty you can experience in nature’s grandest grandeur.


These are not mere words that you are reading.  These words are arrows pointing to the love that defines them.  They are conduits through which the love of the heart that beats inside its author beats inside of you, if you open your heart to the feeling flowing beneath the words and between the lines.


No One Can Tell You The Truth, Nor Hide The Truth From You


No one can tell you the truth, nor hide the truth from you.  You know the truth when someone is doing his or her best to distort or deny the truth.  But you miss the truth when you identify the verbal statement with what it can at best artfully point to.


The best one can do with words is to talk about the truth in a way that leads you to the ineffable, wordless state of the goodness and beauty of the truth’s revelation in your bursting heart.  It is time for you to trust your love, your joy, your inspiration.  You have tried counting on a bleak spirit and heavy-hearted obligation to come through for you, and you have seen how that path leads only to more darkness.


The Key That Unlocks True Success And Prosperity


What is the key that opens the lock upon your heart, that will set you free and let your spirit soar into the empyrean fields of TRUE SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY?  It is simply this.  Open up to your feelings.


The other night in my meditative openness I discovered a familiar discomfort long overlooked and taken for granted.  It was a feeling of not wanting to live anymore.  It wasn’t all consuming; just a slight trickle of dismay.  It was difficult to accept that I felt this way, but oh so valuable.


I could see how it diminished my full engagement in life, and how that diminished my returns in life.  I saw how the lack of desire to live translates into lack in life.  So I opened up to that dismal flow of feeling.  I admit, it was scary at first to feel this.  I felt a little bit ashamed of the feeling.  But I knew enough to open up to it, knowing the wisdom of fully feeling.  As I did I discovered that behind this feeling was love.


Love Is The Only Power


I saw that I was just trying to take care of myself, to protect myself.  The feeling of not wanting to live was a way that I was expressing my love for myself.  I realized that all feelings are expressions of love, that love is truly the only power, the only “thing” ever happening to us.  I saw this!


Upon seeing this, I was able to shift into the feeling of love that was the essence of the feeling, and then abide in this glorious feeling of pure love for a long time.  From there I was free to live in joy.


The More You Love, The More You Live


I discovered that the desire to not live was born of my resistance to allowing myself to fully express my heart of joy in the moment, believing that my circumstances made that either impossible or irresponsible.  That is the cause of not wanting to live:  resisting living fully, freely, with an open heart.


The next day I found the freedom to express my love fully and freely without the idea of that being inadequate or wrong in any way and experienced life more abundant.


So don’t hold back your love, your joy song, because you believe that you need to do something else, something more important, something more practical.  Let each moment be a practice session in which you practice doing what you choose to do with a heart filled with love and joy.  Relate to those instances when your joy song feels block or limited as opportunities to open up to the feeling that is standing in the way, and then see and feel the love in that feeling. At that point you can shift into love and let love overwhelm you, flushing out the negativity that had been darkening your soul’s infinite effulgence.


Trust joy.  Trust the infinitude of your love’s outreach.  Live in the holy splendor of this sacred moment and see the miracles that splendor will set free in your life, including your improved health, business, and relationships.  This defines your true ambition.

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