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Unlimit Your Positive Possibilities By Expanding Your Consciousness

There is only one consciousness and we all share in it.  To the extent that you are conscious, you are, at least to yourself.  If you were not conscious you would not be, at least not to yourself.  From our subjective perspective, to be is to be conscious of being.

Consciousness is infinite.  It is like a vast, immeasurable sea.  What you are conscious of is but a wave or eddy in the sea.  The sea as a whole is pressing upon your state of consciousness, just as your state of consciousness presses upon the sea.

When one individual achieves true enlightenment and liberation the whole of consciousness is lifted up.  It doesn’t matter where that individual might be, how far away from you geographically; you receive a bit of a lift from the elevation of that individual’s expansion of awareness.

Expanding Consciousness, Expanding Happiness

What does expanded awareness or consciousness mean?  It means that your mind, your attitude, your optimism is less limited.  You realize that scarcity and lack are really just thoughts and beliefs. You stop placing a negative meaning on what happens, on whatever is.  You are that much freer of doubt and despair and that much more joyfully enthusiastic about the positive possibilities facing you.


There is nothing more valuable than to expand, uplift, un-limit your state of consciousness.  This is because consciousness is the creator.  What you experience, all that you experience, is really nothing but the state, level or expanse of your present state of consciousness.  Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, as is the possibility of achieving unlimited success and overcoming every obstacle.  As your level of consciousness raises and expands you relate to life with increasing openness to the positive possibilities, live in more joy and discover access to whatever you need to materialize or achieve the great possibility you can see and accept as realistic.


All of your pessimism, unhappiness and insecurity derives from your inner state of doubt.  Your consciousness is limited, constrained and darkened by the degree of doubt you live in.  Your pessimistic outlook regarding your personal possibilities as well as the possibilities of the world, of the entire universe, of reality is then reflected back to you in manifestation.  Your state of consciousness is a self-fulfilling prophesy. 


To the extent that you are free from disheartening self-doubt, to that degree you live in the open, happy state of unlimited, radical optimism, and that inner state of positive openness does more than make you feel good.  It draws to you solutions, ideas and inspirations that can solve any problem, tackle any challenge, overcome any difficulty you might face, as well as empower you to achieve the truly marvelous and previously undreamt of outcomes.

 Optimistic Openness

As you attain this wonderful state of positive, optimistic openness to the realm of infinite possibility your bright state of consciousness spreads its light into the infinite sea of consciousness, uplifting every one of us.  Your individual increase of illumination and joy increases the joy and illumination of the infinite sea of consciousness throughout the whole universe. Since joy and love are really one, this is how to spread healing love into the infinite, into every relationship, into every heart.  Everyone becomes a little more loving, helpful, happier and optimistic and freer to overcome whatever problems they may be facing.  The limitless human potential to conceive of better ways and means, and thus to accomplish better outcomes, not just for oneself and one’s family, but for the whole world, for the whole universe, is thereby unleashed.


This is why there is no more valuable effort that any of us can make than the effort involved in expanding and unlimiting our consciousness. 


As we shall soon clarify, there is really no difference between consciousness and happiness.  The more expansive your state of consciousness the more expansive your state of happiness.  Based on this we can say that the greatest contribution that you can make to your own life, and to the life of all of us, is to pursue the path of your expanding happiness.

Understanding Happiness

Your happiness has nothing to do with what happens to you externally.  It has everything to do with your mindset, with the way you look at what happens, with the way that you mentally and emotionally respond to what happens.  To the extent that you remain completely open to the infinite, positive possibilities facing you, to that extent you feel happy. 


The vast majority of individuals truly believe that they could be happier if they had more money.  They do not realize how unhappy this mindset makes them because they are not paying attention to how their state of consciousness impacts them in the present.  Wishing they had more is actually a state of suffering that manifests less.  They could see this if they paid attention to their internal state of consciousness and how it impacts them.  Most don't do this, though, because relating to our consciousness as the cause of our experience is rarely taught in our society.


The reality is that how much or how little money you have does not impact your happiness. People with all the money you want wake up depressed and go to bed with anxiety.  No matter what you have, it is beyond your control.  As you learn to relate to your consciousness as your cause you can develop the ability to maintain an open, optimistic mindset unconditionally.


To the degree that your consciousness is free from doubt and fear you can see unlimited opportunity in whatever confronts you.  Then your joy is set free and flows into the rest of consciousness, freeing all of us to see things in a more positive light.


As long as you feel and believe in the PRESENCE of your freedom from lack, limitation and want, that becomes your experience and you feel wonderful inside.  At the same time, you automatically access the gifts, talents, knowledge, power, and people needed to manifest conditions in your life that reflect your degree of optimism.  This occurs by degrees, and perhaps by very small degrees at first.  But if you remain consistent and persistent in your efforts to maintain and regain your unlimited mindset unconditionally, momentum builds and bigger, more positive changes occur.

Your Consciousness Creates Your Circumstances

Your consciousness really is the creator of your circumstances.  When you can remain conscious of infinite, positive possibility as the essential nature of your present moment, that becomes the reality that you live in. 


Nearly all of us have been programmed to believe in the value and necessity of living in dread, despair, and doubt when things don’t go as we want, hope or expect.  It doesn’t take much to turn a happy mood into a sour, irritated one.  A billionaire can turn into an angry, miserable tyrant if, say, the waiter is a bit late with the check. 


It is our internal state of limitation that is our only problem.  Our problem is never what is going on externally.  What goes on externally is merely an opportunity to exercise our unlimited creative potential in a joyful act that is charged with optimism. It is the negative way that we respond internally that produces our negativity, and it is our negativity that cuts us off from the unlimited resources otherwise available to us. 


As we make it our priority to improve our internal world, we take command of our external world and find "the secret path to mastery" that has been taught and talked about by spiritual masters around the world down through the ages.

There Is Nothing Stopping You

There is nothing stopping you, nothing limiting you, but the state or level of consciousness that you live in and you always have the capacity to expand your  state of consciousness.  The fact is that your experience is really nothing but your state of consciousness.  For instance, you can be in a relationship with a wonderful, trustworthy person, but if you are plagued by an emotional program of insecurity and suspicion, your imagination causes you to experience that person as disloyal, unfaithful and maybe even malicious toward you.


On the other hand, you might be living under the assumption that you can count on the person you are counting on, when that person turns out to be a liar and a thief.  You experienced what you were aware of until your awareness changed.


When you look at yourself, what do you see?  Do you see a helpless, dependent, weak person incapable of succeeding and contributing in any major way?  If so, then this is the person you are creating.  Limited mindsets regarding our own identity are learned and programmed at a very early age.  If you believe that your liberation from your limiting, depressing mindset is a hopeless case, than you give yourself that dismal experience.

The Inner Transformation Process

I understood these principles for a long time, but it was not until relatively recently that I learned how to dissolve even the most deep-seated negative, limiting mindsets and beliefs, and began helping myself and others with that process.  To be willing to engage in this process requires nothing more than your sincere desire to live more happily ever after.  To the extent that you are willing to settle for depression and dismay, understanding how to leave those dark and heavy states behind is of no value.  You can give someone the best tools in the world for building a house, but without the motivation to put those tools to work no building will take place.


A proven first step toward inner liberation is to make your inner state of consciousness your top priority.  It really is more important than any other aspect of your life, because it really does determine your experience of every other aspect of your life.  To make your inner state of consciousness a priority means that you actually take time to look within, to check out how you feel.


When you feel less than joyful, optimistic, loving, motivated, empowered and free, notice how you deal with that.  You probably assign the cause to something or to someone external, or perhaps to something you yourself did or neglected to do in the past.  As long as you count on the outer to free you from the inner darkness you live in you render yourself powerless to free your consciousness. 


A good second step is to continue to deal with your unhappiness, stress, discouragement, insecurity directly, as an internal problem.  Instead of trying to change, fix or control your external circumstances to make you feel better, work directly on changing your internal state.  This can mean taking time to go to work on improving how you feel, on shedding your negativity, on liberating your joyful optimism. 

One way of regaining conscious optimism involves the following three simple steps:

1… Let yourself feel your feelings fully, all of your pain, all of your inner darkness.  Do this for 3 slow, full, gentle breaths.

2… Then shift into a conscious effort to feel joyful, optimistic, free and empowered.  Do this for 3 slow, full, gentle breaths.

3… Repeat this process until your inner state is transformed.

Depending upon how severely triggered you are, this process can help you to gain inner freedom from the internal condition of consciousness that has you down.  The important thing is that you realize that your real problem is your state of consciousness, your internal state or reaction, not your external circumstances. Then address your internal state directly, not with drugs, but with the exercise of your internal self-mastery. 

Developing Self-Mastery

When you consistently work on inner transformation in situations that trigger your negativity you will soon relate to your problems and difficulties as opportunities instead of regarding them as tragic or unfortunate. You will USE them as opportunities to exercise and thereby to expand and strengthen your ability to remain stable in a state of positive consciousness.  You will see whatever happens as a gift.  There really is no such thing as a bad day.  However much inner pain you find yourself in is your opportunity to develop the self-mastery that keeps your consciousness wide open, increasing your freedom from the automatic, habitual, internal, negative reaction patterns producing your pain.


Remember that inner states of pain, like sorrow, grief, anxiety, hopelessness and rage are states of a closed or constrained consciousness.  When you feel frustrated, cheated, betrayed, mistreated, impatient, overwhelmed, lonely or lacking of any resource - like time or money or helpful people - you are experiencing a closed state of consciousness that limits your possibilities.  There is nothing ever standing in your way but that. 


By relating to your consciousness as the real cause and creator of your circumstances you begin liberating yourself from mindsets and emotional patterns that limit your possibilities – and, to that extent, you are liberating all of us to the more joyful experience of our truly unlimited possibilities, thus giving all of us increased access to the unlimited resources available for spectacular accomplishments while living more happily ever after.

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