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Reject Uninvited Thought Or Live An Unwanted Life

The intentional focusing of your mind may be your greatest power.  This is how you solve your problems, clarify your goals and intentions and create workable plans of action.  It is how you receive higher inspiration and penetrate the mysteries of the universe and the mysteries of yourself.  It is the path of inner illumination.  

Then there is the unintentional focusing of your mind.  You experience this when uninvited thoughts enter your mind. Each one of these thoughts steals a portion of your attention and your energy.  They typically trigger some degree of an emotional reaction.  Allowing the mind to control our consciousness can be called the path of darkness because it keeps us in the darkness of ignorance regarding what is happening in the present moment.

To the degree that your mind is absorbed in unintentional thinking you are distracted from driving, distracted from what your loved one is expressing, distracted from your own deepest intentions for your life.  To that degree you are out of control of the direction of your life.  Your life is being directed by the random thought patterns that overtake your mind.

Right now your mental focus is required for you to follow what you are reading here.  It is entirely possible that even as you read these words your mind is being absorbed by extraneous thoughts, requiring you to reread these words to get their message.  This is how spontaneous thinking steals your time.  You have to go backward instead of forward.

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to unveil the guidance of useful inner wisdom available to you from within the depths of your being.  If you quiet your mind and look within, holding your consciousness open to receive the invisible guiding light of wisdom to lead you along the path that is truly right for you in the present moment, you will find it.  But when your mind is distracted by uninvited thoughts you function merely by habit, semiconsciously, half-asleep to many of the choices you are making.

How important is your life to you?  You have infinite possibility.  The only limit to what you can experience and achieve is your desire.  You merely need to match your desire with focus to go all the way.  If your mental focus strays about willy-nilly, though, your deepest desires go unfulfilled.  It is not your circumstances or other people that bring you disappointment.  It is your lack of focus.  Improve your focus and you improve the quality of your life and rise to higher heights of accomplishment.

Improving your focus starts with recognizing when you are mentally distracted by an uninvited thought.  The moment you recognize this happening, lose your interest in that thought.  Resist the curiosity that makes you want to explore it.  You need to be in command of your mind to call up the thoughts that you need to succeed along your chosen path in life.  You need to give your mind direction based on your intention and only then open up to see what thoughts occur.

One of the driving forces causing us to get involved in uninvited thinking is the feeling of boredom.  While you are half-conscious of performing a mindless action you may feel a sense of flatness from which you instinctively want to escape.  The moment you feel this, your thoughts turn on and you start getting involved with them.  This is like turning on your TV and flipping through the channels to escape boredom.  As common and innocent as this is activity may seem, it is actually costing all that you really want in life.  More specifically, it is costing you your intrinsic power to direct your life where you most deeply want it to go.

Make a list of the areas of your life that mean the most to you.  Those areas might include your health, your happiness, your prosperity, your relationship with your mate and child, your career, your contribution to the world.  Then describe your goals for each of those areas.  As you compose these lists you are directing your mind to come up with the thoughts that illuminate your intended path in life.  The third and final step here is to consider what you can actually do to advance toward your goals in each of these areas.  If you maintain your focus and keep your mind free of extraneous thoughts you will soon see ideas illuminating your options for moving forward.  When your mind is adrift, the illumination of the path of your heart’s desire is what it costs you.

Beyond life-direction, there is also the cost of our happiness involved in uninvited thinking.  If you notice the thoughts that drift into your mind you will notice that a vast percentage of them trigger a negative emotion, like feelings of unworthiness, disappointment, discouragement, resentment and frustration.  Your thoughts are then making you unhappy.   But if you are not paying enough attention to what your mind is up to, you will believe that your life is making you unhappy.  It is not your life that makes you unhappy but your thoughts about your life.

All of your problems and worries come from your mind.  You have to think about a problem to stress about it.  You have to think about a future that frightens you to worry about it.  You have to think about a disturbing past event to feel disturbed by it.  When your mind is free of uninvited thinking you get to choose what you think about, based on what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel.

The more unhappiness you feel the less energized and motivated you feel.  Thus, your uninvited thoughts, because they tend to drift into negative channels, are also costing you the higher level of performance that is your higher potential.  Since our results are always equal to our level of performance, uninvited thinking therefore costs you the higher level of results otherwise possible for you.

When you feel the sense of boredom, instead of automatically seeking escape through random thinking, simply pay attention to the experience.  Examine it.  Consciously feel what you are feeling.  If your full attention is not required for the task at hand, you might direct your attention by asking yourself a question like, “What is the best way for me to function right now?” or “What is the best use of my mind right now?”  Don’t answer that question with thinking, but with a mind open to receive the inner illumination that reveals your wise path through the now.

Thought does more than direct our life.  It creates it.  We bring about what we think about.  When you direct your thought to form ideas of what you most want to experience in life you not only find those ideas occurring; you soon find physical experiences that approximate them occurring.

Your random thinking might have you worrying about poverty.  But your deliberate thinking can have you contemplating prosperity.  Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life.  Which way of thinking do you choose?

When you are not paying attention to what is going on in your mind in the present moment you abdicate your power of free choice regarding what you do to yourself with your mind.  In the absence of conscious attention habitual patterns rule.  There is no free choice for the unconscious.  They are doomed to repeat what they did in the past.  Just as you have little or no control over what you dream when you are asleep you have little or no control of what you think when you are asleep to what your mind is up to in the present moment.

The two challenges for gaining the mastery of our thinking that gives us direction of our life, then, involve:

1… the discipline that it takes to stay aware of what your mind is up to in the present

2… the discipline that it takes to resist the curiosity that would drive you into exploring the random thoughts that drift into your head. 

This two-fold discipline is something that you can develop with practice, as it strengthens through exercise like any muscle.  To motivate yourself to exercise this discipline, remember the benefit of denying uninvited thoughts to direct your consciousness: higher levels of joy and success in the areas of life that mean the most to you.


Many of our habitual, negative thought patterns are deeply lodged in the unconscious. Developing mastery of our thoughts is achieved more quickly and easily with a skilled coach in the area of awakening consciousness.  Contact me to discuss how I can be of service to you in this area, using The Method liberation from negative thinking and emotional suffering, to joyfully succeed without limits.  If you would like to uplift your workforce or conference with an inspiring keynote on mastering attention for higher achievement through greater happiness, contact me to set up a time to discuss your interests.

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