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Save Time: Avoid Delusional Manifesting And Goal-Setting

Turn Your Outer Goals To Inner Goals For True  Success And Happiness

When you can accept your internal condition all the way, you will find yourself arriving at the deepest levels of success and happiness.

There is no greater gift than the gift of loving however you happen to be feeling, including the deepest grief and the highest ecstasy, the agonizing pain of loss and lack and the overwhelming thrill of miracles surpassing your greatest dreams coming true.  This acceptance of all feeling defines true liberation, the ultimate state of freedom that we are all looking for.


When we attempt to manifest or goal-achieve our way out of uncomfortable, painful or even devastating feelings we are on a delusional course.  No matter what you achieve in life, you will be faced with the arising of your deepest feelings, every feeling, the highest and the lowest, knocking on the door of your heart.  You can win the lottery, be as famous as the Beatles, as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe, as rich as the world’s most malevolent and egomaniacal dictator.  It will not save you from the feelings that every human being has the potential to feel.


When you feel the inner pain of lack, don’t try to manifest or goal-achieve your way out of it.  Otherwise, you are merely wasting your energy.  You are trying to outrun life, reality, your self.  Instead, develop the inner strength to fully feel how you feel, to invite the depth of feeling you are capable of feeling, whatever that feeling may be in the moment.  By simply observing your feelings you develop the inner strength to calmly, even joyfully and lovingly experience and appreciate every feeling tone that plays through your consciousness.


Your manifestations and goal-achievements are on their way to you, and they are on their way from you.  Nothing you achieve provides stable and lasting fulfillment.  Following the joy of celebration you will find yourself clinging to control over what you have accomplished, pushing with resistance against the forces of change that threaten to take it all away.  This inner state of clinging and resistance means that you are suffering from fear.  No longer is your grand achievement, your gold metal, your brass ring, your “soulmate” bringing you happiness.  You find yourself once again in a losing power-struggle against change.


Feel all the joy of celebration that comes with the manifestation of your miraculous dreams coming true.  When you meet the fear of those conditions passing away, like sweet dreams you awaken from in the morning light, feel all of that as well.  There is nothing you can achieve that will cure you of your loneliness, your fear of poverty, your feelings of shame, guilt and regret, at least, not for longer than a momentary respite.  There is no one you can find who will make you feel permanently good about yourself, adequate, worthy of love and respect.  But here is the real revelation being shared here: YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE TO SAVE YOU.


All of your feelings are essentially beautiful, including the ones that feel so crushing that you want to die.  You have the potential to experience all of your feelings from a stable place of inner peace.  As you observe every feeling and feel it fully you discover that your awareness of your feeling remains unmoved and unchanged.  Just as the sun is not changed by the clouds that may obfuscate it, so is your awareness unchanged by whatever feeling it observes.  Little by little you will find yourself identifying with the light of your awareness rather than the object of your awareness.  You can view pleasure and pain, grief and gladness, with total equanimity.  Beyond that you will discover that awareness itself is actually in a permanent state of bliss, love, peace and perfection.  A silent yet thunderous inner joy will permeate your consciousness, turning every feeling state into beautiful harmony, a beautiful harmony that surpasses the most exquisite music; one that even surpasses the beauty and harmony of nature’s grandest display.  But this comes later, much later.


In the meantime, simply face your feelings, feel your feelings, and do your best to welcome and love how you feel.  Observing your feelings ripens your consciousness until the permanent bliss of awareness blooms.


Make no effort to control your outer world to “fix” how you feel.  When you open your heart to all of your feelings you experience a profound state of self-nurturing that gradually dissolves emotional discomfort into feelings of profound contentment, empowerment, safety, freedom and love.


Your consciousness is automatically manifesting the physical conditions that meet your every need, that do more than match your deepest desires.  It will guide you into the thoughts and physical actions that feel good and produce success.  But if you count on the results of your thoughts and actions to free you from fear, unhappiness, loneliness or feelings of loss and lack you will find yourself feeling even more disappointed, more unhappy, more lonely and more lost.


The truth is that you are not your feelings.  Every feeling state is like inner weather.  You are not the rain, the clouds or the wind outside.  And you are not the feeling of being lost, confused, empty, unlovable inside.  Those are just emotional conditions that your awareness is passing through, or that are passing through your awareness.  Your awareness is like the sky.  The sky may be foggy or clear, but it is still the sky.  As you open yourself to fully feel whatever feeling wants to arise within you, and open your heart to feelings of gratitude toward that feeling for its arising, you discover the real nature of self to be beyond all of these feelings.


Give up the quest of trying to use “the law of attraction”, positive thinking, creative visualization, winning friends and influencing other people to save you from the internal, emotional storms that whip through your consciousness.  As you allow yourself to fully acknowledge, accept, experience and even appreciate every feeling state that arises, without resistance, without projecting negative judgment upon it, you will find your needs being met on every level.  You will manifest success and your heartfelt goals will be achieved, and you will not depend upon them to save you from inner pain.  You will realize that you don’t need saving from inner pain.


Everything in life occurs cyclically.  We move from day to night and then from night to day.  What you went through in your past you will go through in your future.  Your internal states of despair will be followed by internal states of delight, and then your despair will return.  You have an idea about yourself that you cannot endure the depths of inner pain.  This is a false idea.  You are your awareness, and awareness remains un-threatened by whatever condition it observes. 

The light can fall upon you as you weep in misery and as you cheer in ecstasy.  The light remains the same.  The light neither resists your sorrow nor your joy.  You are the light. 

To awaken to the limitless, loving, joyful, content and safe light that you are, live as the light in relation to every wave of feeling that passes through by simply observing it until you realize that the waves of feeling pass, but you remain untarnished, unharmed and unhindered in any way, to any degree.  You are free.

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