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Attitude Power For Higher Goal Achievement

It's simple, really, the level of goals that you aspire toward and achieve are an exact reflection of your attitude.

The more optimistic you are, the loftier will be your aims and accomplishments.


Whatever your current problem, your ability to come upon a solution is totally dependent upon your attitude.


A negative attitude blocks our problem-solving ability, while optimistically trusting that a solution can be found and things can and most certainly will work out for the better frees the mind to receive constructive insights and creative visions.


Trying to force a team to achieve a goal with threats and coercion is sure to fail.


Instead of trying to intensify the panic and desperation of your team, work on improving their attitude.


As you release their attitude from the shackles of negativity your permit your team to soar.


Before you can influence others to improve their attitude, you need to improve yours.  As you improve yours, the people you relate to will automatically feel uplifted.


To improve your attitude for higher goal achievement begins by looking inside yourself to see any self-doubt about your ability to achieve the desired outcome.


This state of the attitude improvement process is absolutely crucial.  If you overlook it you will find others reflecting the negativity back to you that you hold deep inside.


Do you really have this attitude: There is nothing preventing me from total success. 


If not, there is where you need to go to work.  Don't bother trying to get your team to perform any better.  Your team is better off with your hands off until you get yourself into the internal, emotional shape you need to be in to lead them to higher heights.


Once you recognize that you have an attitude problem you have taken a first major step toward solving that problem.


The easiest way to tell if you have an attitude problem is if you think others have an attitude problem!


Here's something about relationships that you may not have known.  The way you see others is a projection of what you yourself are up to!


If you see others as being unmotivated, untrustworthy, uncaring, dishonest, difficult then you can accurately presume that there is a part of you that is demonstrating that exact pattern.


Open your mind as you take an honest inventory of your character and personality until you actually SEE how you are demonstrating what you are criticizing another for.  You will find it.


The next step is to release yourself from negativity.  Here is how this is done.  See your negativity as a LEARNED PATTERN.  It's just a way of feeling, thinking, speaking and acting that you have picked up along the way, most certainly in childhood when we become like those we spend time with.


Once you realize that the current limits of your attitude are learned, you have ceased to identify with them.  You have created some space between you and that attitude that says, You can't achieve this.


Within that space begin accepting the new, higher attitude that you want.  Begin to feel the sense of limitless possibility. Begin to think and feel yourself to be totally good, infinitely intelligent and capable. 


See the feelings of fear and trepidation that tell you that success may not be possible as nothing but learned patterns.


Practice filling the space between you and your learned, limiting attitudes with feelings of unlimited possibility.  Just dwell in those positive feelings more and more and your attitude will rise, positively impacting the attitude of your team, and the achievement of higher goals will follow.


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