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Goal Setting For Sales Team Success

Goal setting supports sales team success.

When sales professionals set a goal for themselves, they exponentially increase their chances of achieving sales success.

Your clear vision of your goal operates like a compass for your efforts.

Knowing what you want to accomplish empowers you to make choices on a moment-to-moment basis that best line up with the result you are after.

Knowing your goal also programs your subconscious to direct those levels of power below the threshold of your awareness to achieve your goal.

Here is how the subconscious gets involved.

Let's say that you want to make $10,000 a month through sales.

The moment you decide on that as your goal, your subconscious goes to work on directing your creative forces to make it happen.

It may begin by bringing up ideas of how to get started, who to call, what to do next.

You might take a nap and awaken with a totally new sales strategy.

Without you being consciously aware of it, your subconscious begins making you aware of opportunities that you might have otherwise overlooked.

It will also alert you, through feelings or through ideas, of directions to AVOID, so you can make the most direct progress to your goal of success in sales.

Sales professionals need to understand how the subconscious works.

Otherwise, the professional sales person may unwittingly set into motion negative subconscious programming that works counter to his or her goal-achievement. 

The most common way that sales people sabotage their success in selling is by worrying or doubting.

When you worry that you may not achieve your goal, or when you doubt your ability to achieve it, you program your subconscious to support that negative expectation.

While establishing the sales success goal of making $10,000 a month in sales causes your subconscious to direct you toward achieving that goal, worrying about failure causes your subconscious to enter into conflict with that achievement.

It is this misuse of the subconscious that causes so many sales people to feel stuck in an unsuccessful sales career.

Forming your goals is crucial for successful selling, but just as crucial is suspending any doubt or worry about your ability to accomplish that goal.

Doing this requires the practice of astute mental awareness.

Mental awareness means that you are aware of what you are thinking, when you are thinking it.

Only then can you instantly free yourself from worry and doubt about your sales success.

To be effective in sales goal setting, you need to cast out any doubt that your goal can be achieved.

When you worry or doubt, you are telling your subconscious to prepare for failure, not for success.

When you suspend doubt and worry, your subconscious presumes that you can be successful and draws upon all the power and ability necessary to make your sales success a reality.  Your subconscious knows no limits beyond those you impose upon it.

Sales teams can benefit immensely from engaging in the practice of setting inspiring goals for themselves, but only to the extent that they also engage in "awareness training" to recognize the programming they are delivering to their subconscious.

With practice, a sales team can develop more and more mental mastery for more and more sales success.

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