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Here's Your Goal Achievement Success System

That Cannot Fail

Goal setting is a crucial key to success.

You need to know where you want to get to in order to find the most direct route to that destination.

And achieving success is a key to happiness and fulfillment.  It will boost your morale and raise your motivation.

When you feel successful, you feel energized, motivated, and optimistic.

And feeling motivated and optimistic empowers you to do your best work and achieve the best results.

But setting goals may also lead you to feel like a failure when you do not achieve your goal, unless you know how to set goals that you cannot fail to achieve.  

To set a goal, begin by creating a clear and simple statement of what you want to accomplish.

It's best to do this in writing, because that helps you to concentrate, to clarify your thoughts, and to impress upon your mind exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

Writing down your goals is powerful in another way.  It involves you in taking physical action for what you want.  This sets into motion a momentum that helps you take further action.  

But what happens next is where many goal setters begin to flounder.

What do you do when you fall short of goal achievement?

You might set a financial goal for yourself that you want to realize in six months, but then the six months pass and you did not meet your goal.

Here is how to insure that your goal-achievement system cannot fail.

When you feel frustrated because you have yet to achieve your aim, ask yourself why you want to achieve it.

In other words, ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve that end FOR?

For instance, you might want to boost your income.

But what if you do not improve your financial situation to that level in the time you want to?

Then ask yourself WHY you want that higher income.

Your reason might be that you want to move into a larger home.

Since you have yet to manifest the money to do that now, ask yourself why you want that larger home.

One reason might be that you want to feel surrounded by more space and light in a new, more beautiful indoor setting.

Since you did not attain the prosperity to make this happen, ask yourself why you want that new, larger, more beautiful space.

Your answer to this might be that you want to feel uplifted and inspired, and you imagine that space will help you to feel that way. 

Now THIS might be something you can get more of without having to wait until you make more money.  

You can tune into how you want to feel by using your imagination. Imagine yourself in the space that helps you feel the way you want to feel, and stay tuned into that.

Do things that you CAN do to help you to feel more inspired and uplifted, like taking a walk, listening to music, or, if you are an artist, painting.

Whatever your goal, no matter how gigantic, you can be

gin succeeding at satisfying the wants and needs you expect that goal to serve.  

And as you achieve the success available, you will find new doorsleading to higher levels of success opening for you.

This is a goal achievement system that literally cannot fail.

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