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Working With More Awareness For Workplace Productivity Gains

The people who work in a business represent the primary key assets of that business.

It is the people of an organization who collectively drive a business' revenue with their ideas, innovations, teamwork, skills, energy-level and work ethic.

Raising the level of awareness in the workplace is one of the most practical options for lifting workplace productivity.

The challenge for business success is to build on the ways that its workforce performs well while making improvements that move the company toward sustainable growth.

Developing the awareness of the workforce supports this process in a crucial way.

Awareness of how one is functioning in the present moment automatically leads to a realization of how to raise one's level of functioning.

Here is a practical example. One company's strength is producing marketing communications for other businesses.  

A manager gave a task to one of his best copywriters in a manner that the copywriter regarded as condescending.  The copywriter felt offended.

Having gone through awareness development training, this aware copywriter observed that mentally holding onto the event nursed his feeling of offense.  

He observed further that this caused the offense to seem more and more important. It also distracted his attention, preventing him from getting engaged in his work-task.

His level of awareness also revealed to him that he really had a choice about what he thought about.

Following this realization, he paused to consider his true priorities, which served to suspend his thought about the personally offensive manner of his manager.  

That's when his superb work ethic kicked in, and he clearly realized his number one priority was to concentrate on producing the copy, which he proceeded to do with alacrity.

Thus, a time delay in his productivity was averted.

To the industrious copywriter's surprise, upon completion of the project his manager approached him to apologize for his gruff manner of delivering the assignment.  He explained that he had been under stress due to a personal matter.

Individuals less aware than this copywriter might have gotten caught up in a personal grievance mindset, not recognizing that what he thought about was actually a choice.  As a consequence, not only would that individual's productivity been stalled.  He might have lashed out in some vengeful way, aggressively or passive aggressively, which may have caught up the two of them in an ongoing, counter-productive personal rivalry.

As we develop awareness in our workforce, they can better align their choices with their true work priorities and thus be more productive.

Exercise Here is a simple exercise for raising awareness in personal relationships.  

1. Close your eyes and think of someone who has annoyed you.  

2. Notice how you feel.  

3. Then shift your thought to envision someone you love.  

4. Notice your feeling.  

5. Now realize that it is not another person who caused you to feel annoyed or in love, but your THOUGHT of another person.  Realize further that you exercised your power of choice to direct your thought.

Guiding a work team to do this exercise routinely helps them work with more awareness, resulting in workplace productivity gains.

Empower your team to succeed with goal-setting strategies that boost teamwork, workforce engagement, and organization performance.

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