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Master Goal Achievement With Awareness - Part 1

Focusing on goal-achievement IN THE NOW directs our creative power into forming the circumstances we want.

Our creative power lies basically in the choices that we make in any given instance.  

To achieve a goal one must make choices that align with that goal's accomplishment.

Focusing on goal achievement in the now provides us with inner guidance that directs our CHOICES in line with what we want to accomplish.

Lacking a clear goal in the now is like trying to follow a map that makes no sense.

Your goal is your target.  It gives you aim.  If you remain committed to actively pursuing your goal, you give yourself the greatest chance of achieving it.

In fact, by merely mentally conceiving of your goal you harness the creative power of visualization to manifest the outcome that you envision.  

The power of visualization in and of itself influences the creation of our circumstances.  Simply stated, we bring about what we think about.

Cultivate The Success Mindset

This power of visualization, though, is a double-edged sword, until we fully master it.

When you worry about disappointing outcomes, you misuse the power of visualization, because you are envisioning circumstances you want to avoid.

By practicing being aware in the now you can recognize what you are visualizing when you are visualizing it.  

You can then avoid dwelling on possibilities you want to avoid and direct your power of visualization to help you to manifest your goals.

Cultivate the success mindset. This means focusing on the goal you are after instead of being distracted by thinking too much about obstacles, past defeats, or worrisome “what if's”.

Where Goal Achievement Begins

Goal achievement begins with goal setting, and this begins with clarifying your intention.  What is it that you want to bring about?

Effective goal setting is not a haphazard, superficial process.   It's not done by simply selecting a goal out of “thin air”. 

Effective goal setting requires going deep inside ourselves to identify our true intention for the direction of our lives.  It is only as effective as our self-knowledge is deep and accurate.

To set a goal effectively, calmly look within at your thoughts and feelings.  Open your heart to a deep inner sense of what you really want to accomplish in your life.  Look for the sense of deep inner connection with that ideal.

Goal setting is an organic process.  The longer you look within to know and feel what you really want to accomplish, the more your clear knowledge of your goal blossoms.

Awaken Inner Guidance

Nurture your intention by frequently reminding yourself of what you intend to accomplish. Combine this with the practice of being aware in the NOW.

Uniting goal-awareness with now-awareness gradually gives birth to an intuitive sense of how you can best proceed in the present moment to move in the direction you want.

In other words, awareness of your goal, combined with awareness in the NOW enables you to most readily recognize your opportunities for moving forward.  It also enables you to notice when you are about to slip into a course of deviation that you would be better off avoiding.

One major obstacle to effective goal setting is emotional reactivity.  Under the influence of an emotional reaction you can believe that doing something, like impacting someone who just said something that you took offense to, is the most important goal you could strive for.

But when you feel calm and centered again, and look deeply into your heart to sense what you REALLY want to accomplish in life, you may find that you were being misled by that emotional reaction, that making an impact or impression on the person is really not worth your time or effort.

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