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Master Goal Achievement With Awareness - Part 2

Moving Into Action

While visualizing success in and of itself helps us to make it happen, we can be far more productive in the goal achievement process by combining visualization with taking action in the now.

When you actually go for what you want to accomplish you hasten the process of goal achievement more than if you simply visualize success.

However, you can use visualization to help you to get into action.

The more you think about what you want to accomplish, the more driven to take action for it you will be.

Also, if you find yourself procrastinating, simply visualize yourself taking the action you want to take.

For instance, if achieving a goal involves finishing a report, but find yourself resistant to actually getting engaged in completing the report, visualize yourself completing the report. 

The more you visualize yourself doing something, the more powerfully you will feel drawn into doing it. 

Seize Your Opportunity In The Now

Remember also the principle of “Progress by Degrees”.  According to this principle, there is always an opportunity to take some kind of action that will bring you SOME degree of progress. 

One thing that prevents us from seizing our opportunity is believing it's too small.

We hold ourselves back by believing that we need to be able to do something more dramatic, that we need to make a lot more happen, that what we are able to do is just not enough. 

Based on the principle of momentum, taking any action at all in line with your goal builds momentum and leads to larger opportunities.  

Based on the principle of inertia, holding off taking action builds inertia that makes it increasingly difficult to take action and leads to shrinking opportunities.

So it is essential to develop sufficient faith in the best that we can do, and to  avoid dwelling in negative thinking that makes us devalue our best effort.

Just as “faith without work is dead” – without sufficient faith in our work we lose our power to engage in productive work.

Goal Achievement and Time Management

Every moment that we work toward a goal we make progress.  Every moment that we put off doing what we can delays our goal achievement process.

So when it comes to goal achievement, every moment – every NOW – counts.

The more important it is to achieve a goal, the more time you need to spend going for it.

Obviously, this involves some sacrifice.  You need to be willing to sacrifice indulgences of lesser importance to most quickly achieve goals of greater importance.

Everything you say, think, and do uses your time and energy.  Every emotional reaction uses your time and energy.

The more time and energy you invest in your goal achievement process, the more quickly you achieve that goal.

Grow For It

Going for your goal becomes more fruitful as you GROW for your goal.

Growing for your goal means that you actively work on developing strengths, skills and knowledge that will help you to be more successful.   

As you visualize what you want to achieve, pay attention to the now, take action for it, and grow for it, you maximize your power to achieve.


1… Spend a few minutes clarifying what your most important goal is.  

2… Practice paying close attention throughout the day to recognize what you are giving your energy to IN THE NOW. 

3… Remember: Because we change and our lives change, effective goal setting is a continual process of looking within to make sure that we know what we are after right NOW.

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