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The Self-Growth Goal Achievement Formula

How To Grow For All You Want

Every challenge that you find difficult or impossible presents you with directions for self-growth.  As you GROW for goal achievement you make that achievement easier to attain.

Think about it.  If you were more capable in dealing with a particular person that you find difficult, you could more easily achieve your objectives with that person.

When we slip into a critical attitude toward a difficult person, we are really just covering up, or going into denial regarding, own underlying fear of inadequacy.

This does not eradicate the fear; it merely suppresses it, meaning that it continues to impact us in negative ways.

One of those ways has to do with your demeaning thoughts about yourself, the degrading self-image or self-concept that you identify with.

When you think of yourself as inadequate you program your subconscious to turn that idea of yourself into a self-fulfilling prophecy.  This limits your ability to come up with solutions to your problems and strategies to achieve your goals.

Additionally, the thoughts that “hover” in your mind have a way of “hovering” in the mental-emotional atmosphere surrounding you.  This means that others can subconsciously connect with that “hovering” idea of you and begin seeing you as inadequate as you see yourself.

Instead of criticizing others for your inability to create relationships with them that work better for you, instead of suppressing any fear of inadequacy that your disappointing experiences triggers, think about how you can grow to achieve your goals.

This same practice applies to any situation in life that you feel frustrated or disappointed by.  Whatever your goals or aspirations, if you could be more intelligent, resourceful, skillful, knowledgeable, experienced, powerful, capable, creative you would naturally be more successful.

By GROWING for what you want to accomplish you empower yourself to be more successful.

When you catch yourself “beating yourself up” for dissatisfying circumstances or disappointing outcomes, or mentally or verbally “beating up” someone else for the difficulty you experience in your relationship with that person, immediately shift your attention in a more constructive direction with the question: “How can I grow to achieve my goal?”

The next step is to become clear about what your goal actually is.  This is a very powerful step because it gets you thinking about what you really want.  The power of this is defined by the principle that we bring about what we think about.  In other words, thought is a creative power.

Contemplating what you want to accomplish builds a vision of it, and that sets into motion all of your creative forces, both conscious and subconscious, in alignment with bringing about what you want to accomplish.

Use this great creative power of thought to direct your growth process and release your higher potential by contemplating the level of development you would need to personify in order to master the situation confronting you.

For instance, if you are dealing with an individual whom you are finding it hard or impossible to reach, connect with, influence or work with, try to envision yourself as entirely capable of easily working masterfully with this person.

See yourself beaming with self-confidence and composure.  Imagine yourself demonstrating the communication skill to succeed with this person.  

As you think about the person you need to be, you become that person, based on the creative power of thought.  

In addition, you will see specific things you can do to help you grow into that person.  For instance, to be a more effective communicator in a particular relationship you might read a book about succeeding with people like the person you are currently struggling with.

Remember that everything you do for what you want to achieve works.  Goal-directed action leads to opportunities for success.

The most important, fundamental element for applying the self-growth goal achievement formula is self-awareness.

You have to practice being self-aware in the now to realize when you are:

... Feeling stuck or defeated in a relationship or situation

...Slipping into a negative, critical concept or perspective of another person

... Fearing personal inadequacy

… Imagining yourself as inadequate, inferior or unworthy of success.

When you are self-aware in the now, you can avoid or stop the counter productive, psychological habit-pattern of envisioning yourself stuck in defeat, putting yourself down or putting others down and instead apply the self-growth goal achievement formula and GROW for what you want.

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