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The Secret Wisdom Of Adversity And Suffering

There is a secret wisdom of adversity and suffering.  It is "secret" because it hides beneath the "veil" of our conventional beliefs and opinions.

Those conventional beliefs and opinions tell us that suffering makes us wrong and it makes life wrong.  But that is not only false, it actually sets us up for more pain and suffering because it causes us to try to live up to an impossible expectation.

The fact is that no matter how hard you try you cannot avoid periodic visits to the depths of bleakness during your life on earth.

That being said, however, pain and suffering are not to be cursed or resisted.  When we go through them consciously and without resistance they free our hearts and minds from the fears and attachments that prevent the full flow of our creative power for creating all of the wonderful things we want in life.

When you resist pain and suffering you are resisting the “fire” that burns away the blockages to your power to create what it is that you really desire in life.

Pain and suffering come in waves.  Trust in the passing of the wave of darkness and you will soon find yourself greeting yet another wave of light.

We confront suffering over and over again to learn how to navigate through it.  Suffering is a “wisdom teacher” for those ready and willing to learn.  Its ultimate lessons are that it is no less fortunate than is pleasure and that it is an inevitable and inescapable dimension of life. 

We waste our efforts seeking escape from suffering, and we only compound our suffering when we blame others or judge ourselves or our lives or our God as wrong or inadequate for our difficulties. 

As we learn to face and even to embrace our sufferings, large and small, whatever form the suffering takes, by not judging the experience of suffering as inferior nor ourselves as inferior for experiencing suffering, we discover that suffering opens the very doors of opportunity that we yearn for in the depths of our hearts.


Those who seek to help others reach higher levels of achievement need to help them to move through loss, set back, grave disappointment and serious struggles.  To do this effectively we must learn how to consciously move through our own suffering, without negative self-judgment or negative judgment imposed on our painful experience.  

Only as we remove negative judgment from our own bouts with suffering can we relate with those who are in the throes of a difficult time in a way that avoids subconsciously imposing negative judgment onto them or onto their experience.

As long as they believe that suffering and adversity are inferior to pleasure and victory people will continue to seek escape from suffering through the use drugs, alcohol, a new relationship, a new job, gambling, shopping, working too much and even acts of self-harm like “cutting”, all to no avail.  They will try to pretend everything is okay in their lives because they are ashamed of the parts that fall below their expectations.

People seek to escape suffering not just because they fear the pain of it but also because they fear the shame of it.  As you eliminate the shame you can allow the gain from the pain which liberates you from the ties that bind you to the limitations and losses of your past.

The fires of suffering set us free for higher achievement.  

Whatever form of suffering you are facing today gives you the opportunity to develop the ability to help other people move through their life-difficulties as it prepares you to handle even greater bouts of difficulty in your own life with more grace, for a more fruitful turn-around.

Life on earth DOES turn around.  Just as night turns into day hard times turn into times of grace-filled opportunity.  Going through the hard times sets you free to achieve higher levels of accomplishment.  It's the price that must be paid.

So if you are going through a severe time in your life, even if the severity is most extreme, try to give up your resistance to it and stop beating yourself up over it.  It does not make you less of a human being and it does not make your life less of a life.  It simply characterizes a part of reality on the planet earth.  It is just the dark that precedes the light as your world turns.

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