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I have been an inspired professional motivational speaker for 25 years.

Through my professional motivational speaking I landed my own radio show on one of the most prestigious radio stations in the nation, WSB Radio.

As I grew my reputation, I found myself being interviewed countless times in the media for my expertise, including local and national TV, local and national magazines, newspapers and radio stations in the U.S. and abroad.

I quickly realized that for me to prosper and serve my audience as well as possible in the speaking business, I needed to have products to sell at my events that facilitated ongoing application of the principles and practices I taught.

But this was no problem for me because I love motivational self-help wisdom writing even more than I love speaking.

I've published several books in the U.S. and abroad, and I've produced well over 100 motivational speaking CD recordings.

Many who aspire toward public speaking success have told me that they WANT to write, but don't know where to start.

My answer to them is simply this: if you are a writer, you write.  If you are not a writer, you may WANT to write.

For me, I HAVE to write. Writing inspires me, balances me, clears my mind, and draws to me the wisdom I need to be inspired in my own life.

My writing prepares me to speak publically. Writing is my chief source of wisdom and inspiration.

So the place to begin writing is to write, and to continue writing every day, or at least every week.

But if you don't have a burning need to write, your writing will probably be seen as mediocre, which means that it will perform for you in the market place in a mediocre way, unless you have special marketing skills or other advantages to achieve a higher level of professional writing success.

The same is true of motivational speaking.  If speaking publically is not an expression of the deepest level of who you are, if it does not connect YOU with YOUR core of self-empowerment and inspiration, your great success in motivational speaking will NOT be based on your speaking skills.  

Your speaker success may be based on your business skills, your contacts or some other advantage, but not on you motivational speech ability.

And here is one thing I can tell you that you probably would have thought goes without saying for the motivational speakers business: To be a successful, professional motivational speaker you need to be inspired.

You may be surprised at how many aspire to succeed at the professional speaking business who simply are not inspired.

It is your inspiration that lights the fire of inspiration in your audience.  Not your ideas.

Your ideas can interest your audience. But it is your own motivation-power that transmits through your presence that charges an audience with electricity.

Being a MOTIVATING professional speaker is not the same thing as just being a professional PUBLIC speaker.

Many individuals are paid to speak for their information.  But a motivational speaker is paid to speak for his or her INSPIRATION as well as information.

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