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Selling Power & Motivational Speaker Power

Selling power is, to a large extent, a form of motivational speaker power.

If you are a sales professional, it is a good idea to attend motivational speaking  events.  Regard this as a major part of your sales training.

The real, “bottom line” value of a motivational seminar is determined by the seminar leader's ability to motivate the audience to take action. And that is exactly what a sales professional is after: motivating the prospect (the seller's audience) to take action.

Sales professionals can certainly thrive on any significant message presented by skilled motivational speakers. 

But they can also thrive by learning from the excellent motivational speaker's delivery.

In other words, the speaker's motivational speaking skills themselves provide the professional seller with essential sales skills.

Sales success, like motivational speaking success, 

depends upon the presenter's ability to motivate the 

prospect or client to take a particular action.

So one effective strategy for sales success is to attend motivational seminars, if for no other reason than to support your motivational speaker skills.

That being said, those who aspire to be successful motivational speakers can benefit by attending courses on selling.

This can help by teaching the motivational speaker how to embed selling skills into their presentation in order to “sell” their audience on their message and, by extension, on themselves.  

So just as sales people can benefit by attending courses on motivational speaking success, motivational seminar leaders can benefit by attending sales courses, not just to help them to sell their prospects and to up-sell their clients, but also to empower the persuasiveness of their seminars and keynotes.

Here is a selling principle that both the sales professional and the motivational seminar presenter can benefit from understanding and incorporating into their message.

Sales success is the product of motivational training.

Selling, in other words, is a product of teaching.  

The prospective buyer turns into a customer in response to the education provided by the seller.

Success in selling equals success in educating.

As you effectively educate or train your prospect, your prospect gets the message and feels internally motivated to take action.

Great sales people, like great motivational speakers, come up with fresh, interesting ways to re-state their lesson again and again, because it requires repetition for a message to “soak in”, “take root” and incite action.

To be a successful motivational speaker or sales professional, avoid loading too much information into your presentation.

Instead, use a variety of captivating ways to convey a few important points.  That is how your “lesson” is “driven home”.

Sales teams, like speaking professionals, need to keep this in mind:  Select a few important points and utilize many different ways of delivering them to your audience.

Simplicity, repetition, and freshness are key for both motivational speaking AND Patience and professional selling success.

Professional sellers and professional speakers are like gardeners.

As a professional speaker or professional sales person, you plant the seed of an idea and then nurture it with supporting ideas aimed at inciting (or motivating) the prospect (or audience) to take action that will benefit them.

Selling power is, to a large extent, a form of motivational speaker power, and vice versa.

Empower your sales team with a motivational speaker skills training. 

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