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How To Be Your Own Motivational Speaker

At one of my recent motivational speaker events, I opened with this statement: “When you think that you don't know what to do for what you want, you really DO know.”

I delivered this inspirational message to a sales team based on what the head of sales operations told me about her team's present challenges, but I believe that the message applies to all of us.

You see, members of this particular team of sales professionals were repeatedly finding themselves stumped by unanticipated blockages occurring during their sales presentations.

They had grown overly dependent upon learning and memorizing selling-systems and formula-responses, to the point that they had lost self-confidence in their ability to “think on their feet”.

My reason for making the opening statement about them having the power to know what to do is simply this: Trusting in your ability to receive guidance from within is your key that unlocks your ability to receive that guidance.

To achieve success, to improve your relationships, to enjoy more self-confidence, to manifest prosperity or abundance, trust in your ability to receive ideas, insights and wisdom that guide you toward those outcomes. 

To the extent that you fret over your circumstances or doubt your ability to triumph over your challenges, you block the flow of you own inner success wisdom.

Cultivating a deep, underlying attitude of trust is the most valuable form of personal development imaginable.

Trust your power, trust life, trust that everything will work out, trust that your most desired miracle is possible.

As you shift from a nervous, insecure mindset by cultivating deep and unshakeable trust or faith of this kind, you improve your attitude for greater success, financial freedom and happiness.

We can define trust in your ability to receive the inner guidance you need to solve your problems, set goals and achieve goals as a leadership skill.

As you practice living in this kind of trust you involve yourself in a powerful form of leadership training.

You are training yourself to be a great leader of your own life!

The most successful leaders are positive, optimistic individuals who have a tremendous amount of self-confidence; they trust in their abilities; they have faith in the goodness of life.

As you practice trusting that you always have the inner wisdom you need available to you, you are doing what is necessary to begin to receive that wisdom.

The next step is to calmly, patiently open your heart and mind, while remaining alert to notice when your “inner light” flashes on.

This practice of trusting, patient openness, and inner alertness represents the formula for receiving the practical forms of “positive thinking” that delivers wisdom that leads to success.

Whatever your problem or challenge, trust that you will be guided for the outcome you desire, and then follow the 2 steps above to receive that guidance.

In a sense, we can characterize that inner guidance as a form of motivational speaking to yourself.

For it WILL boost your motivation as it reveals your next step to achieve success, improve your relationships, experience more prosperity or abundance, or achieve any other goal your heart desires.

To motivate your workforce, inspire your association, uplift your meeting or conference with enlightening and energizing success wisdom, schedule a motivating seminar or motivational speaker event.

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