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Set Yourself Free From The Fear Of Failure

Beyond tragically costing us the ability to enjoy our lives and appreciate all the good that we have, there is a heavy price to be paid for engaging in the fear of failure and feelings of worthlessness.


The energy they absorb by causing us to brace for a let down could otherwise be employed to lift us into the heights of success.


They operate as negative self-fulfilling prophecies.


Imagine someone driving his car.  He knows the way to his destination and he has the skills to drive there safely.  But a frightened passenger continuously holds up photographs of terrible car crashes right in front of his face, blocking his view of the road, warning, “This could happen to us!”  

At the same time another anxious passenger cries out over and over and over again, “You're not a good enough driver.  You'll never make it.  You lack the skill.  You don't know what you're doing.  You don't even deserve to get to where you are trying to go.”


That frightened passengers are causing the very problem that they are hoping to avoid.


Whenever we anxiously hope for this or that outcome to save us from our fears, we are working against ourselves.


You become your own frightened passengers by imagining worrisome scenes of possible failure and listening to critical, inner voices that portray you as inadequate.  


The fear-ridden mind saps our power to succeed and distracts our vision from the inner wisdom always guiding us to success.


To rid your mind of those fears is already a great success. 


To seek your freedom by burying them under heaps of outer accomplishment merely drives them deeper, where they perform their acts of self-sabotage beneath the radar of self-awareness.


Beneath the cloak of unconsciousness they mysteriously produce problems like physical illnesses, relationship break-ups, emotional melt-downs, mental crack-ups and a variety of other mishaps.  The more we repress them the more severe their retaliation against us.


There is a way out.  Befriend the enemy.  Accept those fearful feelings and the mental images of failure and the mental voices of self-doubt they deliver.  

Invite them up into the light of your awareness.  Face your fears courageously and your courage will outgrow them. In the light of your awareness those fearful chimeras dissolve.


You don't have to act against your fear.  In fact, that only serves to strengthen your fear, to deepen it, to expand its insidious influence.


And don't fight against the situation that triggers it off.  Recruit the situation that you fear to help you to dissolve your fear of it by calmly observing any thoughts and feelings that it arouses within you.  In this way you will find peace, with a mind free of frightening thoughts and a heart free of frightening feelings.


In the peace that is earned through inner clarity, there is courage and there is confidence.  There is freedom.  There is contentment.  And after you experience that blissful state of liberation for a moment or two, there is likely to come up an inner voice screaming in a panic in your mind: “But you have to DO something!”


But all that you really have to do then is to calmly observe this fearful messenger, the way a wise parent calmly listens to her child screaming about an imaginary threat that has no real substance to it.


In peace you can calmly consider your circumstances and your options and choose the one that makes the most sense; not just logical sense, but emotional and intuitive sense.  

As long as you feel bound by the invisible walls of fear of failure and feelings of worthlessness, dissolving those with steady awareness is wisest option to choose.

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