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Master Your Inner World To Achieve Success

With Self-Awareness


The sure foundation upon which you can achieve success is mastery of an “inside game".


While it is a true truism that achieving success depends upon “Who you know”, the most important person to know is oneself.


To know yourself means to recognize and understand what you really want and what you are really doing about it.


It is to recognize how you think and feel, how you communicate and how you act.


It is about becoming aware of your core values, the choices you are making, and how well those choices align with your core values.

The better you know yourself, the better you can apply yourself to achieve whatever true success really means to you.


To the extent that you are unaware of yourself, to that extent you lack command of the forces within you that can take you where you want to go in life.


Unless one is self-aware enough, for instance, one tends to unconsciously confuse internal states with external reality.  This poses a real problem.


Distinguish Between The Inner And The Outer


Feelings of defeat, insecurity and discouragement are INTERNAL states.  If you do not recognize the internal nature of these feelings, you confuse them with external conditions and this works against your success.


Whatever your present situation, any feelings of discouragement and insecurity that you are experiencing constitute internal conditions that you have to deal with before you can fully apply your power to achieve success.  

As long as you confuse inner feelings with external reality, you will feel and you will act increasingly powerless to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.


Under the influence of a troubling emotion you can point to all things in your situation as causes for feeling so troubled.  For instance, you might point to the fact that you recently lost two clients, and thus feel worried about your business.


But the reality is that losing two clients or gaining two clients has no intrinsic meaning beyond the meaning that you INTERNALLY give to those conditions.


Losing two clients might work out just fine by making room for you to serve new clients who will do far more business with you.  Gaining two new clients is wonderful, but it brings new problems that you will seem at least as threatening as your present challenges.

Your Internal Reaction Makes The Difference


The point is that your INTERNAL reaction is what really makes the difference between success and failure.  

Whether you see yourself as succeeding or failing is purely an internal interpretation of your situation.

Reactions of discouragement and insecurity drain you of power that you could otherwise apply for more intelligent, constructive action.


To retrieve your power from disempowering internal emotional states begins with recognizing that they ARE internal states. 


When we overlook this fact we jump to the conclusion that external conditions are the cause of our power-loss, making it impossible for us to reconnect with our power.


To experience the profound, liberating and possibly startling recognition that your problem is actually INTERNAL, take the following awareness action steps.

First, when you feel discouraged or insecure, notice what you are paying attention to. 


You will soon see that you are paying attention to thoughts.  Those thoughts exist WITHIN your mind, not external to it.  You are emotionally reacting to what you are thinking about.


Look Within


The next step is to re-direct the focus of your attention from your thoughts to your feelings.  Stop focusing on thoughts about external conditions that justify your internal state of despair.  Just look at how you feel.  Let your feelings flow without resisting them.  Make how you feel a conscious experience. 


Look INTO your feelings to discover the real cause of how you feel.


Gradually, your dark cloud of emotional pain will dissipate, revealing a new, bright, positive attitude that frees you to work fully on achieving success once again.


Your freedom once gained will not last a life-time.  You are bound to re-experience dark feelings the next time that a similar challenge shows up.  But each time you go through this process of clearing and mastering your inner world, you free up more power to succeed and you increase your freedom from the habitual inner pattern of reacting with disempowering emotion.


Who You Really Are


Each time that you look within to make your feelings conscious, you will gain deeper self-understanding that leads to greater self-liberation for success.


In all likelihood, you will discover the real underlying, inner cause of feelings of discouragement and insecurity: a weak self-concept.  Somewhere along the line someone taught you to believe in your helplessness.  You then cultivated that weak self-concept, believing that it represented a true picture of who you really are.


When you see the small or weak image or concept that you have of yourself, and see how disempowering it is, how it stands in the way to your success, you can drop it as easily as you would drop a hot potato. 


But as long as you think that your pain is caused by some other condition than its real cause, you continue holding onto that hot potato and continue feeling powerless to solve the problem of its burning.


Embrace Challenge


The very conditions that trigger off our disempowering, painful emotional states are exactly what we need to free ourselves from those states and master our inner world for success.


By working on your internal condition in this new, more conscious way, you gradually lose your habit of automatically identifying internal reactions as external realities.  You thus free yourself from the unconscious, internal pattern of getting stuck in disempowering emotional reactions that hold you back from succeeding.


Every challenging episode that dislodges your inner peace, confidence, and joy presents your opportunity to dislodge the negative internal, emotional reaction pattern that holds you back.


When you feel calm, confident, and happy you live as your true self: a truly powerful and capable human being.  You can envision your goals and employ your best efforts toward achieving them.  You can take whatever happens next as a learning experience, and continue working with joyful confidence on achieving the outcome that you want.


As you master your inner world you liberate your true self from the chains of a depressing self-concept, harness your full power to make your dreams come true, and fully enjoy the journey.  

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