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The Most Powerful Success Strategy

I'm an avid learner of success strategies.


In my business consulting with very successful CEO's I ask questions to reveal the success strategy that brought them to where they are. 


One reason I do this is because as I learn about what my client does can I help him or her come up with better ways of doing it. 


Beyond that, business success strategies inspire me.


One of my clients, who amassed tremendous financial wealth by the time he reached 40, and who has created and still runs several truly great companies – companies where the employees are so happy that they would not leave to work somewhere else for double their salary – recently spoke with me about his formula for success.


His business success strategy basically comes down to one word: will.  He told me that he willed his successes.


The Power Of Will


Will is a powerful force, perhaps our most powerful force, but it seems that few people know how to develop and employ it to its fullest capacity for directing their lives. 


When you understand that willpower is the key to amazing goal achievement, and you understand how to develop this power to produce the results you want, whatever your circumstances, you will not resist, resent, or try to run from any form of adversity, delay or opposition to your goal achievement that you face.


Forces that obstruct, challenge or oppose you are like weights in a work-out room.  The heavier the weight that you lift, the stronger your muscles grow.  Willpower is a spiritual muscle.


By deliberately pursuing a goal through thick and thin, you strengthen the power of your will to achieve it.  This makes tough times your ally.


Each time that you intentionally work on achieving your goal, your willpower to achieve it strengthens.  When your will-power to achieve it is strong enough, nothing can stop you and you will achieve.

Develop Your Will Power

One way to develop the power of will is by thinking of what you want to accomplish while connecting with the feeling of your intention to accomplish it.  

You can do this by imagining the energy of will within you determining that this will happen and that you will do the good work that is necessary to accomplish it.  You will make the efforts.  You will make the sacrifices.


Loss and let-down turn into gain and support when you use them instead of fear them.  To use loss and let-down, simply remain committed to achieving what you are going for.


The more disadvantageous your circumstances seem the greater your opportunity to strengthen your will to succeed.


By deliberately engaging in work aimed at achieving your objective your will to achieve it grows stronger.  The only advantage you really need to succeed is a will that is strong enough to make it happen.

The stronger your will to succeed the more quickly and easily you soar over your obstacles.

Will Rather Than Worry


Instead of worrying about not making it, consider what you can do to make it and do that.  Instead of wishing you were in more advantageous circumstances, make your circumstances advantageous by using them as an opportunity to develop and employ your will by continuing to go for what you want.


You feed and strengthen your will by employing it through the darkness, and as your willpower strengthens it directs your life into the way that you want your life to be. 


The old saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way,” is absolutely true.  However impossible the goal you truly want might seem, however miraculous the outcome that you earnestly desire might appear, continue engaging your will to go and grow for it.  

Employing your willpower to succeed will lead you to the discovery of new and better ways to be more successful.  Act on those discoveries.  Continue this success strategy and your will power grows strong enough to manifest your goal.


You can use any action to develop and employ your will to succeed.  A simple way to exercise your will is to mentally connect whatever action you take with your will for a particular result. For instance, as you walk, think of your goal and tell yourself, “Each step I take advances me to this goal.”


Here is a powerful exercise you can do any time.  Connect your will with your breathing.  As you inhale, think of your goal and say to yourself, “As I breathe in I am accomplishing this goal."  As you exhale say, "As I breathe out I am accomplishing this goal.”  


Your subconscious mind believes what you tell it with a confident attitude.  By telling yourself that an action is dedicated to achieving a goal, that action exercises your will to achieve that goal.


Willing to succeed is different from being willing to succeed.  The former is active; the latter, passive.

Willing empowers you to throw off the burden of self-doubt and insecurity about your future.  You don't need to carry those burdens.  They only weigh you down and slow you up.  Shifting your attention from your worries to your will directs your energy through your attention into your intention, which keeps you moving forward.


Know What You Will


Willpower development and presence go together.  When you are alertly present, in the moment, you can connect what you are doing right now to what you will to accomplish.  

Each time that you mentally connect an action with an intention the action moves you in the direction of fulfilling that intention, and the power of your intention – which is just another word for “will”, grows stronger at the same time.


Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, regardless of your age, your background, or any other factor, consider where you want to be and make the decision right here, right now, to get there.  Then open your mind to look for a way to proceed, and take your next best step in that direction.


The harder it is to remain intentional, the more intentional you become by remaining intentional anyway.


The simple act of decisively committing to achieving your goal or to manifesting the outcome that you intend just might be the most powerful success strategy you can employ.

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