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The Leverage Of Happiness

Many of us may not realize that we have been placing the cart before the horse when it comes to happiness.

We have been conditioned to presume that happiness is the result of things like physical health, harmonious relationships, and financial wealth.  But the reality is that happiness is a cause of those positive conditions.


Happiness gives you leverage for creating health, wealth and harmonious relationships in your life (including spouse-to-spouse relationships, parent-child relationships, friendships and even professional relationships).


Many think that they need to feel unhappy to feel motivated to improve themselves or their lives, when the fact is that feelings of discouragement de-motivate us.  When you feel happy you feel confident, motivated and ready to take action.


Many plague themselves with misery by presuming that they would feel happier if they only looked better, while the fact is that the better you feel, the better you look.


Misguided employers actually begin feeling nervous if their employees seem happy, because they believe that to perform your best you have to ignore how you feel and push, push, push.  However, the fact is that the better you feel, the better you do.


When we slip into unhappiness we lose the capacity to relate courteously and compassionately with others, causing relationship discord.  When we feel great we feel inspired to treat others in great ways, which strengthens our bond.


Happiness generates a sort of harmonious energy-field about us that seems to attract opportunities and repel calamities, while unhappiness seems to attract mishaps, complications, losses and more drama into our lives.

We are better at everything when we feel good inside, including decision-making.  When you feel happy, you feel secure, confident and capable, and that helps you to follow wiser courses.


When we feel unhappy we are less resourceful, which ultimately manifests a drain on our financial resources.  When we feel happy we expect things to work out and we eventually get what we expect.


Typically, happiness is a reactive condition for people.  When things go their way, they react positively.  When things don't work out, when people don't perform in a manner consistent with their expectations, they react negatively.


But because happiness gives us internal leverage for making things work out, we need to change this reactive pattern into a proactive strategy.  We need to relate with happiness as a central cause of what we want rather than as a result of what happens to us.


The fact is that if you really analyze the root cause of any desire or fear that you experience, it comes down to your desire for happiness.  We actually want what we want because we expect it to bring us happiness.  What we really want is happiness, and when we recognize that, we can discover our present access to it.


Living happily is a skill that we can learn and develop for greater leverage in every area of our lives.  You can achieve and maintain better health, better relationships and a better financial condition by developing your happy-life skills.


While most of us have been programmed to believe that happiness comes from indulgence in pleasure, it actually comes from an inner state of emotional balance.  Over indulging in any pleasure actually lowers our spirits.


You don't have to “make” yourself happy.  You just have to balance out emotionally for happiness to naturally spring from within.


As you practice maintaining your emotional balance through life's ups and downs you discover that both the ups and the downs bring equal blessings.  You can find gain in any loss and opportunity in any crisis.


As you maintain emotional balance more consistently, an attitude of faith, trust, confidence, and realistic optimism grows deeper and stronger within you, increasing your leverage for making your dreams come true.


There are many practices involved in achieving and maintaining the emotional balance that liberates your joy for a more meaningful life of higher accomplishments, improved relationships, sound health and financial abundance. 


These include learning how to allow yourself to fully feel whatever emotion you happen to be feeling. 


Another involves learning how to live and work in an alert state of physical relaxation. 


The practice of becoming more aware of what you are thinking, saying, seeing and hearing and of how that is affecting you emotionally is crucial, as is the practice limiting the amount that you rush to no more than 1% of your day.


Life-balance certainly plays a part, which means giving enough time to work, to play, to rest, to exercise, to being in-doors, to being outdoors, to being with those you love, to giving yourself sufficient alone-time, etc.


In a state of emotional balance you have the clarity to engage in the inspiring actions of goal setting and the critical thinking that brings clarity about what your true priorities are and what your true sense of purpose is.   And as you engage in the active pursuit of your goals, in line with your priorities and your purpose in an unrushed, emotionally balanced way, you experience more joy. 


Making a difference in the world, serving others, giving to others through philanthropy or other forms of gifts are practices, all done in an emotionally balanced way, release more joy. 


Eating well, living with integrity, being selective about whom you spend your time with, developing your knowledge and abilities, seeking life-wisdom and self-understanding, exposing yourself to sources of inspiration and carefully monitoring how much time you expose yourself to negative or depressing influences are all integral to strengthening the foundation of emotional balance that increases your leverage and enriches your life with happiness.

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