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Get Free From Hatred

For the Life You Love

Some say that “hatred” is too strong a term.  For those of us who experience deep passion in love, it is not too strong.  Hate is the manifestation of blocked love.

No one's hatred of you is a real problem for you unless it causes you to hate in return.

Hatred programs the hater's subconscious to deliver the hater to the hell that justifies the hater's hatred.

Think about it.  To hate someone the hater must mentally hold onto the ways the object of his hatred has caused his life to go wrong. Thus the hater continually experiences the wrong.  The hater thus wrongs himself and blames the one he hates.

Whatever the hater hates someone for doing to him is a self-sabotaging idea that the hater holds onto.  

Holding onto ideas of loss blocks the power to create what you love.

If you take something from me and I respond by directing my full power into turning my life into the blessings that I want, I can't hate you for what you have done.  There is nothing to hate you for.  I'm so fully focused on creating the wonderful life I love that I have no attention to spare on focusing on anything wrong.

Our desire to get back at someone is rooted in our attachment to the harm that we allow that person's actions to impose upon us.  We allow it by focusing on a negative perspective of our situation.

Hatred is an act of withholding good from oneself and blaming another for the suffering that causes. 

The more powerful and passionate your hatred, the more of your energy hate consumes, and therefore the less power it leaves for you to do yourself any good.  Hatred sentences the hater's life toward ruin.

Nothing really justifies the haters hatred because hatred launches an attack upon the hater. 

The hater clings to the reasons for hating.  This prevents the hater from finding reasons to feel love, joy, gratitude and inspiration.

Hatred is a powerful emotion that cuts very deep and consumes a tremendous amount of energy.  If you redirect that energy into creating all the good you desire for your life you free your heart from hatred and fill your heart with love, joy, gratitude and inspiration.

To release the energy from hatred and let it flow into love, contemplate what you would totally love to happen in your life.  Hold the focus of your attention on what you want so deeply that it releases your thought from what you don't want.

Directing thought along this line will gradually reveal ideas and visions of what is desired as deeply as the passion of the hatred over what you do not want. 

For instance, if you hate someone for hurting someone you love, think about the good you want for that person you love.  Think about your intention to do all within your power to help that good happen.

If someone stole something from you, think about what you want in place of what you lost, what you would actually appreciate more than what you lost.

If you feel consumed by hate, open your mind to thoughts of what you desire as deeply as your hatred's desire for revenge. 

Think about how great you would love things to turn out instead of how terribly you your hate portrays things.  Continue this line of thought until you feel a shift in your emotional core that informs you that your energy has shifted its path into one of joy, love, gratitude and inspiration.  This is how to get free from hatred.

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