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How To Get A Life By Living In Facebook Consciousness

You know the expression, "Get a life".  Well, here is how to make it happen, using Facebook as a tool.

I've heard it again and again from individuals who feel displaced, for whatever reason.  They get on Facebook and connect with friends who live in another part of the world.  While they are connecting with those friends they feel empowered, complete, fulfilled, alive, inspired, significant.  Life feels right to them.

Then, when their time spent on Facebook comes to an end they feel disconnected, fragmented, incomplete again.  They feel displaced.

They feel that they belong elsewhere, in another place, in another life, and they feel stuck and blocked from getting there.  If only they knew how easy it could be to transform where they are into where they want to be.

We can call the process, “Living in Facebook Consciousness”.  

You see, our lives are driven more by our emotions and our thoughts than by our actions.  By living in the thoughts and feelings that attune you to what you want, you will automatically take the right actions that will lead you there.  

Not only that, but your life will instantly begin shifting its form to provide you with more and more access to the place you feel is right for you, to the life-situation that your heart desires.

So if connecting with friends on Facebook helps you to feel the sense of connection and wholeness that you are longing for, train your consciousness to stay in that feeling when you get off of Facebook.  

If you're living in Atlanta and feel more attuned to life in LA, then live in the feelings and thoughts that you associate with living in LA.  If you are living in LA and feel more attuned to living in Nashville, then when you leave your Facebook friends in Nashville remain tuned in to the feelings and thoughts you associate with living in Nashville TN.

Our lives are literally driven, determined and designed by the thoughts and feelings we habitually live in.  

You feelings attune you to order or disorder, to things coming together for you or falling apart, to victory or victimization.  Negative, distressed, depressed feelings create conditions that justify those feelings.  Feeling inspired, empowered, confident and secure create circumstances that justify those feelings.

Your thoughts give your experiences the forms they will take.  Envision yourself spending time in the mountains, feeling the delicious natural splendor and the green, sacred peace that comes with that vision and in not too long a time you will find yourself with an opportunity to have that actual experience.

The challenge to manifesting with our thoughts and feelings is facing situations that seem to be the antithesis of what we want.  

You find yourself living in a small apartment in a city you hate, and find yourself feeling depressed and stuck, utterly displaced.  The work you are being called upon to do, the growth you are being called upon to accomplish, is to gain control of the focus of your thoughts and of the resonance of your emotions.

Right there, in the pit of what you don't want, focus on what you do want.  Right there, in hell, "seek the kingdom of heaven that is within".  Whatever you hold your attention on is where your life will go.  Hold your attention on the thoughts and feelings of victory and you are heading in the direction you want.

The next time you find yourself feeling more satisfied with your Facebook experience then you feel in your actual life experience, use Facebook in a new way.  Use Facebook as a tool to show you what you want to think about and how you want to feel, and then work on carrying on that thinking and feeling.  

With deliberate practice your power to hold attention on the thoughts and feelings you want will develop strength.  At the same time, your life will develop into a reflection of your inner state.

Live in Facebook consciousness until your life becomes the life you want to live in.

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