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Choose Your Emotional States, Choose Your Destiny

Focus on your emotions.  See how you feel.

When we get caught up in our thoughts we feel stuck in feelings that we don't want to be experiencing.

When you focus on your feelings you find that you have a choice about what feelings, what emotional states, you get into.  You can find your way in authentic inner peace.

You don't have to feel regret.  You don't have to feel desperate.  You don't have to feel loss or insecure or overwhelmed.  You can choose to feel at peace, secure, and capable.

You don't have to feel lack.  You don't have to feel inadequacy.  You can feel repleteness, appreciative and free.  You can stop feeling like a victim of your life and step into the role of intentional creator of your life.

When we get caught up in our thoughts we get caught up in our emotional reactions to those thoughts.  When you feel stuck in negative emotions you are really stuck in thought-stories that cause you to feel those negative emotions.  The reason you can't seem to get out of the negative emotion is because you are not leaving the thought that is causing it.

By focusing directly on your emotion you leave the thought story and your emotions return to a place of harmonious balance or lively and delightful neutrality.

Your emotions tune you into the thoughts that occur to you.  From a harmonious, neutral feeling space you can tune into inspiring visions of outcomes that you desire.  

You can experience faith that those outcomes will transpire.  You can connect with your intention for those conditions to come about.  You can stay clear of negative or discordant emotional states.

Emotional states are entirely optional.  You don't have to feel sorry for yourself, but you can feel that way if you choose to.  Consider how you want to feel right now.  What emotion do you want to have?  What emotional state do you want to be in?

You can be in deep inner peace if you want.  You don't have to experience a single regret or worry about a single thing going wrong with your life, if you choose to stay out of negative, critical feelings.

When you focus your attention directly upon your feelings you find that you really do have a choice about how you.  Your emotional states are not determined by or dependent upon what other people say, think, feel or do.  You rise above your circumstances having power over your emotions.  You can choose to stay out of the crisis feelings of life-drama.

Your feelings impact your present experience as well as your future.  Both our present and our future seem out of control when we overlook our emotional state and get caught up in thinking or in focusing on what is happening in the physical world.  We then get caught up in emotionally reacting to what we think or observe and lose our freedom and power, and abdicate our responsibility, to direct or choose our feelings or emotional states.

To direct your feeling states is to direct your destiny into the present experience that you want to be having and into the future conditions that you want to create.

Ask yourself, “What emotional or internal feeling state would be best for me to be experiencing right now?”  Do not confuse an internal emotional state with a physical state of pleasure or pain, though emotions can be pleasurable or painful.

Your emotional state can bring you prosperity or impoverishment.  It can bring you a great relationship or the devastating loss of a relationship.  It can bring you great ideas and opportunities or shut down your creativity and cause you to miss opportunities.

Feeling secure, confident and inspired causes things to fall into place for you in line with your desires.  Feeling insecure, unworthy, incapable and defeated causes circumstances that you desire to fall apart.

Think about what you want to bring about in your life and how you need to feel right now to help it to happen.  Notice how you feel right now and stay out of painful feelings that tune you into angry or fearful thoughts.

Feelings of desperation produce more desperate circumstances.  Feeling betrayed or taken advantage of creates conditions in which you will feel even more betrayed and taken advantage of.

Don't deny what is happening, but recognize when you are thinking about what is happening.  When you are thinking about what is happening you cause yourself to feel as though that is what is really happening.  When you drop the thought you lose the need to feel the way the thought makes you feel.

Before you engage in a feeling, consider what feeling-state would truly be best for you to engage in.  Consider what you want in your life and what feeling state would function in support of that happening.  Choose your emotional states to choose your destiny.

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