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Give Yourself The Gift Of Gratitude

Gratitude is a purely positive experience.  Gratitude is not just how we feel in response to a gift that we value; gratitude is essentially the gift we value most.


All you really want most is to experience the gift of gratitude.  Gratitude is what makes an experience valuable to you.  No matter what life gives you, it is not really valuable to you unless you feel the sense of gratitude for it.

The degree of gratitude you feel in any moment expresses how much you value your experience of that moment. Gratitude is the gauge or measure of your true joy.

It's hard to feel gratitude when you are in pain.  It seems nonsensical to suggest feeling gratitude for our pain.  And yet, there really are times when we want to feel pain.

We want to feel pain when we sense the need to digest it, the way our stomach digests food.  We sense a need to go through it, to sift through it, to extract the useful lessons and discard the waste of negativity. Pain is a messenger.

When you feel the need to go through your pain, go through it.  Give yourself permission to feel it.  Regard it with an attitude that says, “It's perfectly ok for me to feel the way that I feel.”  This positive attitude toward a negative experience gradually transforms the pain into peace, the negative into a positive. 

Only you can tell when you need to go through your pain, and when you need to either let it go or find help for gaining release from it as soon as possible.

Pain is not all bad and there really is something about it that is worthy of our gratitude.

Going through pain always leads to gain.  The more you lose the more you have to win.  Based on the universal law of compensation opposites inevitably alternate.

A friend of mine said that the best things in life come through suffering, not through joy.  He understood how the universal law of compensation works.  The more suffering you can pass through the more wonderful things will happen to you.  Of course how you go through suffering makes a critical difference.

If you hold onto a negative attitude toward your suffering, rebel against life because of it, indulge in destructive aggression or passive aggression, you only dig yourself into a deeper hole.

But if you face your suffering with courage and hold fast to your principles your misery must turn into miracles.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell is famous for saying, “Follow your bliss” as the key to finding your true path in life. 

Sometimes, though, we hurt too much to contact bliss.  But even then, you can follow your bliss by going through your hurt, because what brings you bliss awaits you on the other side of pain's dark curtain.

Gratitude lessens pain.  Try being grateful for the pain you feel because of where it leads.  It leads to a place of liberation, enlightenment, empowerment and joy.  Pain is the wilderness you must wander through to reach “The Promised Land of milk and honey”.

Pain is not easy to pass through.  Not by a long shot.  You may be nursing a deep inner hurt that makes you not want to be anymore.  There seems to be no sense in experiencing that much suffering.  But there is sense in going through what seems like senseless suffering.

The sense cannot be known while you are passing through it.  The sense of senselessness is part of the experience of that much pain.  But the sense of passing through it will become apparent as you come out on the other side of it, which you inevitably will. You will then feel so good that you will feel grateful for how you feel.

Essentially, you give yourself the gift of gratitude by passing through your pain.

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