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How To Improve Your Life Right Now

Achieve Liberation Through Internal Awareness

It's really amazing!  To improve your life right now simply  raise the level of your thinking right now.  You can achieve this liberation through internal awareness.

The quality of our lives and the limits set upon our results are determined by the quality of our thinking.  Just observe your thinking closely to discover how this is true.  As you watch your thoughts and you really notice what you are thinking about you will notice also that you are feeling crappy in response to thoughts that you are free to not think.

You will find that your most annoying thoughts are pretty repetitive.  You continue thinking around the same problem over and over and over again.  You think about what is going wrong in your relationship, what you don't like about your house, what is wrong with your financial condition, what you aren't happy about regarding your job.  You think about a nagging health problem or political problem or environmental problem.  Round and round your thoughts go presenting you with the same old ideas, the same old perspectives, triggering off the same old negative feelings.

But it is not your life that you are feeling so down and distraught about; it is your thoughts!  Most people do not see this because most people do not know enough to make the necessary effort to pay close enough attention to their thinking.  They simply have an emotional reaction and blame it on someone or something without giving it much attention.  They think that they are too busy to question their assumptions or to look more deeply into their internal activities.

And so, everyone is trying to find happiness by controlling their circumstances in a way that they can never control them!  They think that if they fix that relationship problem or get a new one that they will be free of these feelings of frustration, uncertainty and dread.  But if they do happen to change their relationship they find very soon that nothing internal has really changed very much.

To change an internal condition 

change an internal condition!

The internal condition we need to change is first and foremost the condition of our self-awareness.  We need to start paying closer attention to our inner life, to the life we give ourselves through our thoughts and through our emotional reactions to those thoughts.

The next internal change we need to make for the internal experience we are after is to change the quality of our thinking.  If you keep thinking the same old thoughts you will keep feeling the same old way.  And if you keep feeling the same old way it is because you keep thinking the same old thoughts.

The instant that you realize that you are feeling the lousy way that you feel because you are thinking the same old thoughts that produce those lousy feelings you are on the path of freedom, because now you have finally found the cause of your unhappiness as well as its cure.  Instead of struggling to change the person you are frustrated with, change your thoughts.  

Instead of struggling to change your financial condition, change your thoughts.  Instead of struggling to change where you live, change the thoughts that you allow to live in you.

Better yet, learn to live without thought!  When you see that it is a particular stream or circuit of thinking that is making you feel so troubled try to simply experience life for a few moments without that stream or circuit of thought.  Simply stop thinking about the situation that is disturbing you and notice how the quality of your life experience instantly improves.

Not just the quality of your life improves as you free yourself from the thinking that is lowering that quality; the quality of your results will improve.  Instead of feeling trapped in conditions you cannot control you will find yourself free to create more of the conditions you really want.  You feel trapped in conditions you cannot control because those conditions consist of nothing but thoughts that you are giving your attention to.  

As long as you think about a condition you want to change your thought of that condition keeps you in it!

It's just amazing when you actually realize this by actually paying closer attention to what you are thinking when you are feeling disturbed.  You are then free to think about what you want to experience and discover that you tend to bring about what you think about.  

You are free to free yourself from the internal stream of thought that is giving you the experience of being disempowered and dissatisfied in the now.

You are as free as you are aware of your freedom.  Improve the quality of your life right now with internal awareness.

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