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How To Live An Inspired Life

To lead an inspired life does not require courage as much as it requires an important lack of discipline!  Too much discipline makes you willing to lead an uninspired life of dreary drudgery.  Too much discipline permits you to live a life of perspiration without inspiration, which feels pretty pointless.

To lead an inspired life does require making the choice to do so.  Then, when you make your to-do lists, consider all of the things that you need to do until you come upon the one thing that you feel truly inspired to do right now.

Inspiration is connected with joy.  The sign that you are leading an inspired life in the present is that you are feeling joy in what you are doing right now. 

To lead an inspired life requires an experimental attitude toward life.  The experiment you are making is basing your life on inspiration to see if you can actually get away with it.  You can't know a priori if the inspired life is really impossible because there is no practicality to it.

There is, in fact, practicality in the inspired life because practicality is inspiring.  Just pay attention to how you truly feel as you consider what is happening in your life and you will find yourself feeling totally inspired to do your taxes, make a sales call, clean your toilet, text or call a hurtful person to handle a practical matter that involves that person.

Inspiration is all a matter of timing.  There really is a season for everything.  Inspiration tells you when a season for doing something has come and gone.  When you do what inspires you a positive feeling wells up from within you.  This feeling tells you that now is the time for doing what you are doing.

Inspired living is the opposite of fearful living.  Every choice that's made from fear saps our inspiration for living.  When we have no inspiration left, we feel like dying.

Experiencing a profound disappointment can sap our inspiration to go on living.

When inspiration is entirely dissipated, just wait.  Relax.  Rest.  Naturally and without any effort on your part the inspiration will return.  As you make choices that fill you with inspiration you lose your blues.  All day long you are presented with a constant flow of opportunities to feed your soul with inspiration. 

Every moment you have a choice to make.  You can choose to think, say, or do that which feeds your inspiration and to avoid those thoughts, conversations and actions that cause your inspiration to die a little or a lot.

Right now, this very instant, you can be guided by your sense of inspiration to fill your life with more inspiration.  Look for the feeling of inspiration deep within to guide you and it will reveal its guiding light.  If you don't know what else to do take a few slow, deep breaths, imagining with each inhale that you are breathing in the joyous, loving energy of inspiration.  As your breath reaches its peak imagine inspiration filling you.  As you exhale imagine yourself expressing, radiating, sharing your inspiration with the world.

You are not bound by your obligations, responsibilities or necessities.  Wherever you are, in a prison or in a palace, you are free to find and to follow your own inspirational path right now.  Simply making that choice is how to lead an inspired life.

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