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How To Find Your Golden Opportunity Right Now

To find your golden opportunity right now may require something very different than what you might expect. Let's arrive there through some questions.

What do you think would happen if you entirely trusted where you are, not just geographically, but situationally?  What if you gave up all of your emotional resistance to the way your life is, to the circumstances you find yourself in, and just allowed yourself to sink comfortably into awareness, acceptance and appreciation of being where you find yourself?


The answer is that your feelings of stress, anxiety and frustration would melt into peace.  Why do we resist this blissful state? 

We resist where we are based on a belief that being somewhere else would be preferable and because we are focusing on what we do not seem to have available here and now. 

We imagine that we would be better off if that person didn't leave us; if we had not committed that faux pas in the past; if we were presenting to a client right now instead of sitting with no meetings on our calendar. We think that we are not in our ideal situation, and so we indulge in the futile, unhappy struggle to be somewhere else.

You say that the effort to be elsewheere is not futile, that you can be somewhere else?  Well, in the future, certainly, you will be somewhere else.  If you don't change your location, your location will change itself.  We are never in the same place, even when we feel stuck.  Change is constant.  So yes, in the future you will be somewhere else, but in the present moment you cannot be anywhere but where you are. Trying to be elsewhere in the now is like tying to make yourself taller than you are.

The futility of struggling against where you are is not a negative, though.  As we will soon see, you enter your golden opportunity as you accept and trust where you are instead of worrying about being in the wrong place. 

To trust where you are means suspending the internal act of projecting negative judgment onto the situation you are in.  As you do this everything changes.

Being where you are becomes a totally harmonious fit for you when you give up your fearful resistance to it.  Instead of feeling like failure it feels like your golden opportunity! 

Where you are feels just right as you allow yourself to be here.  You'll begin to hear the birds sing.  You'll  feel your heart sing.

As long as you are fretting about being at the wrong place, at the wrong time you miss your opportunity to experience fulfillment where you are.

By replacing frustrating resistance with trusting acceptance your emotional space improves.  This inspires you to work in a state of joyful optimism, which in and of itself is fulfilling, meaning that you just enhanced the quality of your life. According to many performance studies, working in that positive internal state is more productive than laboring in negativity and fear.  It's called being in the zone.

Imagine building a brick house.  Each brick has its place.  If you leave one brick out the space that remains weakens the entire structure.  It's the same with our goals. 

Where you are right now presents you with the golden opportunity to do what needs to be done right here.  It may be that all you need to get done is to establish yourself more stably in staying in the zone wherever you are.  As you do what you can where you are, you build a solid foundation for further progress.

Whatever your losses, whatever your thoughts tell you would be a more advantageous position for you to be in than your present situation, try trusting that being here, now is your golden opportunity and see how it becomes so.

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