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The Deeper Truth About The Attitude Of Gratitude

To explore the deeper truth about the attitude of gratitude leads us into the total transformation of our life.  It begins by asking a simple question.

What's your problem?  Money? Health? Relationship?  Wrong.

You can have only one problem in life: your attitude.  Your attitude is all that creates any problem that you have.


When your attitude is gratitude you have no problems, only solutions.  Where does the gratitude attitude come from?


It comes from an accurate understanding how life works.  Your life is always working for you.  There is not a single thing that is going wrong.  Even when you experience pain, that pain is presenting you with exactly what you need.  If you relate to your pain as wrong or bad, you don't have a pain problem; you are suffering from an attitude problem.


Your attitude determines the quality of experience you are having and the quality of conditions you are materializing in your life.  When you live in the awareness that every person in the world is actually perfectly supporting you, your relationship problems vanish.  When you live in awareness of the flow of endless abundance, your money problems disappear.  When you live with awareness of your total well-being, your health problems fade.


We can define your attitude as your perspective, which is determined by your focus of attention.  The feeling that you focus attention on expands.  When you focus on the feeling that everything in your life is and can only be just right, you feel that more strongly, more deeply, more completely.  This gives rise to your attitude of gratitude.


The most powerfully positive attitude you can have is that every area of your life is always perfectly handled by the universe, by reality, by life, by God, by the Divine Soul you really are.  When you surrender your futile attempts at controlling the universe you rest in a thrillingly joyful state of inner peace and your natural, original state of gratitude attitude bubbles up. You feel free to entirely be your self, and from there your true originality ecstatically blossoms.


If you doubt that everything is always perfectly handled for you, your attitude is one of doubt or distrust in the universe.  You believe in the possibility of betrayal.  This is your choice.


Once you make the choice to live in the ultimately positive attitude that you never really ever have a thing to worry about you release the pent up joy that has been wanting to spring from your heart since you began blocking it in your infancy. 


Imagine for a moment that you really don't ever have anything to worry about, that all outcomes are essentially equal in the sense of being absolutely perfect for you and for everyone else.  Try to actually feel that truth, not to merely think it or affirm it.  That feeling gives rise to the attitude of gratitude - deeply profound and all-fulfilling gratitude.


You are being taken care of like an infant in the arms of loving, all-powerful parents.  When you allow your imagination to produce scenes of disappointment or betrayal, you slip into a mental-emotional torture chamber that you can just as easily slip out of.


To fully harness the attitude of gratitude takes far more than merely counting your blessings in the conventional sense.  That typically involves listing what you find pleasing and leaving out what you find displeasing. 


The deeper truth about the attitude of gratitude is that it naturally arises from counting your very existence in a totally loving universe as your blessing.  When you live in this thrilling attitude you cannot help but see your life manifesting in ways that reflect it, reinforce it and expand it.

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