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Dramatically Transform Your Life With Appreciation Power

Get ready for a dramatic shift in how you feel and watch every aspect of your life, including your relationships and your business-life, improve as you take this journey with me into the deeper power of appreciation.


Appreciation is a feeling, not a thought.  Feel it now.  If something is going on that is disturbing, take your attention off of the thought of that and focus your attention on the feeling of appreciation instead.  With practice, you can do this quite easily.

The more you focus on the feeling of appreciation the more your heart fills with that feeling and radiates it into the hearts of others. 

Feel your loving appreciation for yourself and feel loving appreciation for you emanating from the hearts of everyone. 

Feel the feeling of appreciation for no other reason than the benefits of feeling that way.  This is feeling unconditional appreciation and there is no limit to how much of it you can feel. 

Conditional appreciation is limited and fleeting because it depends upon superficial observation and interpretation of passing events, like appreciating yourself because someone just complimenting you.  A moment later you run into someone who seems to discount you.

Unconditional appreciation can expand infinitely with increasing permanence because it counts on nothing but your will to live in the feeling of it, whatever the passing circumstances happen to be. 

When you deliberately decide to live in the feeling of appreciation you can experience more and more of it.


You can experience unconditional appreciation expanding in your heart and from your heart right now.


Feel appreciation for the service that you provide to the world and feel that service appreciated by everyone else. 

You serve through your very being.  You don't have to do anything in particular to be of service.  You are of service by your very nature, which is a perfect blessing.

Appreciate being a positive influence on everyone and everything and feel appreciation for that invaluable contribution coming back to you from everyone and everything. 

Feel the power of appreciation growing stronger and deeper in you.  Feel it coming back to you from all of the people, rocks, trees, and stars in the universe.  Feel all of the energy in existence vibrating with the quality of loving appreciation for you and from you.


The more appreciation you live in the more you see to appreciate, until you appreciate all there is just the way that it is.  Appreciation is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Appreciation is totally satisfying and fulfilling. 


Everyone is struggling to change things and people and themselves in order to feel appreciation, but that just puts appreciation off and keeps them from living in it. 

You can let that pattern of false dependency go and live in appreciation now, unconditionally.  You will then see that you don't have to change or control a thing to experience all the appreciation your heart desires.


The more appreciation you feel the more appreciation you give to the world.  This means you bring more fulfillment to everyone. And based on the principle that the more you give the more you receive, your appreciation inspires others inspires the whole universe - to  express more and more appreciation for you.  This appreciation will come to you in whatever form you need it.

You may start receiving more money.  You may find others offering to support you with their time and talents.  You may find more loving companionship coming into your life.

You don't have to determine the form that appreciation takes, and it's better if you don't meddle with that.  Focus on experiencing more appreciation and the form that it takes will match your deepest feeling of gratitude.


When people complain that they don't feel appreciated what they are demonstrating is that they are not living in all the appreciation they crave to experience.  They are putting off appreciation until something else happens.  They are waiting for more money or a bigger house or a new lover before they will let themselves experience more appreciation.  They don't realize that they have to feel more appreciation to receive more of what they want. 


Begin to experience more appreciation by feeling it right now.  Feel it for yourself.  Feel it for your life.  Feel it for everyone in your life.  You can increase that feeling by holding your attention on it with the intention for it to grow and watch the quality of your life dramatically transform. 


Inspire your audience with an engaging message on the positive power of appreciation.  Email me to discuss your keynote speaker needs.

I also transform lives through individual coaching and small-group mutual support systems for expanding appreciation on deeper levels for more sustained progress.

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