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Entrust Your Life To Inner Peace

You Can Go Home Again


It's amazing how hard we work to change ourselves, other people and our circumstances to find the inner peace that we started from.


We get so caught up in the futile struggle to control the universe that we overlook how miserable that effort makes us. 


Our dissatisfaction begins when we leave where we are.


We leave where we are, at peace, when we judge a situation as wrong and beat ourselves and others up for being the cause of it. We return to where we were, at peace, when we trust, rather than negatively judge, what happens. 


Trust is your original state of inner peace, joy, love, contentment, freedom and security.  Trusting what happens frees us from the pain of negative judgment.


We leave the feeling of trust and enter negative judgment when we slip into our minds to interpret something as wrong or inadequate.  We then strain to fix things, but this just takes us further away from our natural state of inner peace.


When we choose to remain in the deeply peaceful feeling of trust in the inevitable perfection of whatever is, was, and will be, we experience the peaceful state of inner fulfillment that we would otherwise be yearning for.


I was striving to reach the place I was leaving.


In my own case I realized one day that I had spent my whole life trying to find a place to live that was like the idyllic beach community that I grew up in, was trying to find an affluent economic situation like the one I was raised in, was even trying to find a mate like my very first girlfriend who I left at 22 because I wanted to experience other relationships, after being with her for 10 years.


Upon realizing the circular pattern of my journey I felt that my whole life had been a mistake, that I had been seeking happiness by going away from where it had been.  Perhaps you can relate to this.


But then it dawned on me.  My quest for those idealized circumstances of my past was really a quest for an internal state of consciousness.  I wanted to feel at home, closely connected, in love, secure and financially free and I sought external conditions to cause me to feel that way. It then became apparent that I could feel that way by choice.


As I began practicing this feeling of unconditional trust, I not only felt fulfilled.  I found circumstances working out in ways that were consistent with that trust.  Things seemed to just happen to fall into place for me.  It was amazing.


We seek control over circumstances to feel trust; but it is the feeling of trust that brings harmonious order to our circumstances.


As hard as we might try to hold onto the circumstances that trigger our good feelings, either we leave them or they leave us.  As hard as we pursue those circumstances that we believe will make us happy, at best we seem to grasp them for just a moment, and the next moment they vanish like a dream. 


In the feeling state of entirely trusting what is, we return to our original feeling of joyful, loving safety that we knew in infancy, when we were entirely surrendered to the loving care of the universe.  It is in that feeling state that we feel nurtured, safe, loved and whole.  It is there that we feel happy and that circumstances prove to be entirely supportive.  To return there is to truly find our way back home.

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