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The Value Of Being Depressed, Despondent and Ready To Give Up

No one wants to feel depressed, despondent and ready to give up, but that is really the best place to be and the place we are all heading toward.


As Kris Kristofferson wrote, “Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose,” and we all “just want to be free” (as the Young Rascals sang).


When you realize that all of your attempts to control your life have proved utterly futile you are ready to “risk it all on a game of pitch and toss”, which Rudyard Kipling wrote in his classic poem, “If”.


You can then, for the first time in your life, be “all-in the game” and go for broke along the path you most deeply believe in, the fulfillment of your soul's purpose, without holding back.  You are free when you are willing to go all the way, to give all you've got, and it is only in that giving that you receive the experience of freedom and fulfillment that you have been looking for and longing for all along.


Being depressed, despondent and ready to give up has one real cure: giving up.  Give up control and go deep down inside to feel your ultimate sense of calling in life.  Look for the feeling of deepest purpose and surrender to its fulfillment.  Stop thinking about protecting yourself from what can go wrong or who can take advantage of you.  It's time to give your life to the purpose you want your life to fulfill.


Feeling depressed, despondent and ready to give up is a result of resisting the fulfillment of your true life purpose, your true calling.  That purpose calls to you at the deepest feeling level.  You don't need any concept, idea or vision of your purpose; just a feeling of giving your life to the ultimate value of being on the planet.  Your purpose is about giving, serving, uplifting, helping, healing.  That's really all you want to do, at the deepest level.


When you give yourself to that you find that you receive all you could ever want and need on every level, without directly seeking those things. You receive it all, because the more you receive the more you have to give.  So right now give fully of yourself and your resources to lock yourself into the fulfillment of your life-purpose.  The more you give the more you will receive to give.


All of the losses and let-downs you have gone through were like the constricting of the womb that causes the baby to emerge into the new, freer life that she came here to live.  You feel depressed, despondent and ready to give up because you have lost your sense of self-value.  That indicates a departure from the path in life that you truly value, the path that delivers your true value to the world.


So give up.  Stop holding on.  There is nothing left to protect.  You cannot hold onto anything or anyone anyway, so you might as well let go.  As you give it all for what you are here for you will receive it all – all that really matters, all that really fulfills you.  It comes through the giving of your life to your purpose.  As Bob Dylan wrote, “When you ain't got nothing you got nothing to lose,” so go for it.

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