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Follow The Way Of Inner Mastery

As you dwell in a feeling of whole, balanced, harmonious connection with your true self, you automatically manifest balanced, harmonious circumstances that are wholly consistent with those feelings. 

Thus, your guidance for any situation is how you are feeling.  Making a choice that seems right to your logical mind, but fills you with feelings of inner discord, imbalance and conflict generates more problems than solutions.

You Always Receive What You Need

You always receive just the right situation for you.  When circumstances do not seem to match up with your desires and expectations you are being given the perfect opportunity to see the painful, discordant, internal reaction patterns triggering off within you.  It is by dissolving the discord within you that you improve the circumstances around you.

What is being described here is the way of inner mastery.  As you use your circumstances to master your inner response your inner mastery develops.  As a natural consequence, more beauty, balance, harmony and order shines in all areas of your life.  Self-command within your circumstances manifests as command of your circumstances.

Avoid This Common Pitfall

A common pitfall along this path happens when an individual who has been living in harmony finds herself in a situation that seems disappointing, or even disastrous.  She then might jump to the conclusion that relying on inner harmony doesn’t work.  What does that false conviction lead her to do?  It leads her to backslide into reliance upon her old pattern of anger, unhappiness, even panic to meet her needs.  But these internally disturbed and destructive states serve only to perpetuate and exacerbate the difficulties that she is at war against.  This is because the outer is a reflection of the inner.

If it is true that the outer is a reflection of the inner, then why is it that difficulties sometimes befall us – sometimes even horrifying losses – at points when we are feeling happy, celebratory, at peace?  Before we look into the logical causes of this common sort of perplexing occurrence, let’s look at the practical response to it.

Stand Your Ground

The practical, constructive response involves standing your ground and staying on the path.  Respond to what is happening, however dangerous or disappointing it may seem, by dissolving the internal stress pattern the event triggers.  The sooner you re-enter inner harmony the sooner a condition of balance, order and harmony returns to your circumstances. 

Therefore, just when we are prone to doubt the inner path of balance and harmony is when we really need to rely on it the most.  Otherwise, the difficulties we face grow more extreme as our state of internal discord grows more painful.

The Cause Of Life’s Difficulties

Now, as to what causes difficulties to arrive in our lives when are feeling happiness and peace.  On one level, it really doesn’t matter, does it?  When you are suffering intensely no reason makes you feel any better.  

I could say that the purpose of life is your development of inner mastery, and that the potential for that development is infinite.  Thus, as soon as you stabilize at a level of inner peace, a challenge to that peace will come upon you, giving you the opportunity to recognize and dissolve the inner reaction of suffering it brings up.  But this explanation won’t make you feel any better when you are feeling very unhappy, very afraid, very angry.

I could suggest that you are receiving challenging circumstances because you set them into motion by your inharmonious inner states of the past.  For instance, if in your past you went through deep feelings of deprivation, that inner state set into motion an external condition reflecting that inner state.  Thus, you eventually find yourself lacking something or someone that you want.  As you dissolve the inner state of discord arising in this situation you dissolve the situation.  But here again, this nice explanation will not make you feel any better when you are hurting deeply.

There Is No Justification For Your Suffering

The fact is that logical justifications don’t heal our pain because there really is no justification for your suffering!  That’s right, all of your inner pain and woe is absolutely unfair, unjust, and not right!  You are not designed to suffer.  The more you suffer the more your suffering is destroying you.

Here’s the point, though.  Suffering is wrong for you.  Suffering is how you know that you are in a wrong condition.  So the question is, why do you do that to yourself?  There is no good reason to suffer, and yet you cause yourself the suffering you go through.  I’m not talking about the physical pain and discomfort you go through.  I’m talking about the emotional pain you feel in reaction to your circumstances.

More specifically, your suffering is a response to your thoughts about your circumstances, not to your actual circumstances.  Your actual circumstances are a cosmic event of perfect order, balance, harmony and beauty.  Thought cannot contain reality. 

You have to think about what you are going through in a particular way in order to feel distressed about your situation.  Don’t take my word for this.  Pay attention to what is going on within you when you feel anything but good, harmonious, balanced, loving and whole in the present moment.  You will see an emotionally disturbed state occurring in reaction to an emotionally disturbing thought about what you are going through, what you have gone through, or what you may have to go through.

When you live in the present moment, without a thought, your inner harmony is  being restored.

Dissolving Inner Pain

Encountering inner suffering is like driving your car down the road when you suddenly see a sign that says, “Turn Back!  Wrong Way!”  What happens if you ignore that sign?  The sign is there to help you.

There is absolutely no reason for you to go through the internal states of distress that you go through, just as there is absolutely no reason for you to hold your hand on a burning hot stove.  But here is the problem.  The only way that you know to end the suffering of the hand that is burning on the hot stove is to feel the pain.

So the first step to dissolving your inner pain is to feel it, which is something most of us don’t wish to do.  In fact, we will do just about anything to distract us and numb us from feeling that pain.  Why?  We believe that is the wise way to relate to pain.  Run away from it.  Push it away.  Unfortunately, this way does not work.

Sooner or later the alcoholic learns to stop drinking, or dies.  You cannot successfully run from your pain, no more than you can successfully run from yourself.  Your pain will continue to nag at you, to assault you, to pummel and pound you until you face it and make the changes it is telling you to make for your own good.

Your inner pain is letting you know that you are departing from the path that is truly for your own good.  The farther you go down this path, the more intense the pain grows.  At the same time, your inner pain will continue to produce barriers, obstacles, losses and oppositions along the way.  (Running into obstacles is a sign that you are heading down the wrong road.)

The Inner Source Of Conflict

All states of inner pain are essentially conditions of inner conflict – a conflict between you and you.  Inner pain is telling you that you are not functioning in accord with yourself.  You are functioning in conflict with yourself.  It is like you are a butterfly trying to live as a fish! 

Remember, the outer is a reflection of the inner.  Thus, your state of inner conflict is producing forms of outer conflict, conditions going against your will, wishes and expectations, in your outer situation. 

In the light of this insight we can see that all interpersonal conflicts that we run into in daily living are really manifestations of our inner conflict with ourselves.  When it appears that another person is mistreating us we are experiencing the outer manifestation of our internal self-mistreatment.  You can use every psychological communication tool in the book to get that person to improve his treatment of you, but he is powerless to do so as long as you continue mistreating yourself, causing yourself internal suffering through your internally discordant reactions to what happens.

When you are in true harmony with yourself you will find yourself in harmony with others.

Take Inspired Action

A harmonious inner condition gives birth to inspired and empowered actions that are consistent with your inner harmony, and that even strengthen it.  Those actions will prove fruitful, because they are coming from the right place.  They are natural flowerings of your inner abundance of harmony; and because they serve to amplify your inner harmony, the produce harmonious circumstances in your outer life more quickly.

Following the path of inner balance and harmony is certainly sensible enough, but it is not that easy.  It is feels simple, easy and fun only when you are in a state of inner balance and harmony.  When you slip out of that inner state, you are slipping into a state of internal discord.  The hard part is then facing how you feel, letting yourself feel your pain fully and freely.  You have to feel the depths of your inner pain, without allowing the pain to drive you into action or speech, for that pain to dissolve.

(There are further steps to take when feeling your feelings does not return you to inner peace.  Those are contained in what I call The Method, a step-by-step process for gaining release from inner suffering and returning to inner peace, balance and harmony.  See www.lovethemethod.com for more information.)

Once your inner pain dissolves you are back in your natural state of inner harmony, balance and peace.  Your outer situation may not have changed visibly, but it is important that you keep your attention off of any thoughts about your situation that would cause your inner suffering to return.

All You Really Want

Living in the state of inner peace and harmony is really all that you want.  When you seek external circumstances as your source for your internal fulfillment you find yourself increasingly unfulfilled.  Your external circumstances are not causing your internal, emotional suffering or discord.  They are serving to reveal it. 

The path of inner mastery does not merely lead to your solutions.  It is your solution to all of life’s problems, whether you are dealing with a health issue, a money issue, a relationship issue, or the issue of a mysterious, persistent feeling of deep unhappiness.

Your Potential For Joy Is Infinite

We are continuously called from within, by a deep inner feeling of pull or attraction, to go deeper into our innermost feelings, to connect with deeper and deeper states of inner stillness, wholeness, balance, and harmony.  By paying attention to your innermost feelings and heeding this call with your internally directed awareness you will find your way to what the Bible describes as “The Kingdom of Heaven that is within” and witness to your delight and amazement “all else coming unto you”.

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