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How To Instantly Enter “The Good Life”

If anyone was to ask you, “How much does a thought weigh?” you would probably say that thought has no weight.  And yet, nothing in life may be heavier than the thought that defines for you what “the good life” is, the thought that defines for you a life that is worth living.


For on the other side of such thoughts resides their opposite, lurking in the shadows.  This shadow thought tells you that a life other than the one that defines the good life defines a bad life, a life too painful to live in.  The thought that shadows the idea that defines a life that is worth living defines a life that is worth leaving.  It is the shadow side of our bright ideals makes thoughts so heavy; in some cases, too heavy to bear.


This heaviness is really the source of our self-imposed depressions.  We think about our life in comparison with another’s life and our life makes us look like a failure to ourselves.  The soul-searing pain that comes with such a thought can seem unbearable.


What Do You Count On For A Good Life?


The whole problem lies in what we are counting on for the good life.  If you are counting on living up to your ideas you are ignoring your natural state.  A good life is one that feels truly good in the now, and that good feeling is the product of being naturally who you are.  The moment you go into unnatural strain to live up to an idea, or to get your life to live up to an idea, you are really leaving the good life, disconnecting from the life that feels truly good.


How you think about yourself and about your life has nothing to do with who you truly are and what your life truly is. 


Distinguish Between Your View And What You View


You can be holding a stone in your hand and perceive it as a valueless chunk of earth.  But if the stone that you are holding is actually a precious gem of incalculable worth, your view of it robs you of its value! 


Your view of a condition does not change the real nature of the condition.


This insight is like a gem of incalculable worth as it applies to your self, to your life and to your potential for happiness, for living the good life. 


Even as you might hold your self in low esteem you remain a sacred, infinite, Divine being too magnificent for any thought to conceive of.  The same is true about your life.  While you may view your situation as a menacing threat it is a Divine, sacred instant in the timeless flow of the eternal infinite. 


Your view that your self and your life lack value, then, does not in any way diminish the infinite value of both!


To Experience Joy


To experience the joy of infinite value we merely need to relinquish the ideas, the perspectives, the mental projections that tell us that who we are and the life we are living are lacking in any way. 


When we drop our ideas of the good life and live naturally in the harmony of being who we are in this moment, without suppressing our nature in an attempt to live up to an idea, and without beating ourselves up over the idea that we are failing to live up to that idea, we begin to experience the splendor of who we really are and of this unlimited life that we are living in.  In other words, we set ourselves free of the heavy, sometimes even soul-crushing burden of self-deprecating thought.


The Origin Of False Values


We know the origin of these soul-crushing ideas.  They have been socially, culturally programmed into us.  Had we been raised in a different place, or in a different time, our ideas of what we have to be and do to feel worthwhile would be quite different.  There is no intrinsic truth in any of our personal, culturally formed values.  Our parents inculcated into us the very ideas of the good life that were enslaving them, and thus we learned to enslave ourselves to ideas like we must be popular to be deserving of self-acceptance, or we must have a mate to avoid feeling ashamed of ourselves.


Advertisers make their living by conning you into believing that your happiness awaits your purchase of a nicer car, or your taking of a drug that will make you a stronger sex-partner so that you can strut about and feel like the conqueror of a younger, sexy partner.  What if you lose your youthful virility or some other symbol of the conqeror?  What if you buy that nicer car and instantly see someone driving a nicer one?  Your feelings about yourself and the quality of your life flop!


There are countless standards that society has programmed into you, the meeting of which is absolutely essential to your feeling of respectability, and your feeling that your life is worth living… or so you have been programmed to believe.


Desire Is Similar


Our desires are no better.  Just because you lust after a person, a possession or an experience doesn’t mean that your actual worth, or the worth of your life, really does hinge on your acquisition of the object of your desire.  You can view yourself as a failure and your life as valueless when your desire goes unsatisfied, but that just makes you a victim of your view, not of reality.  The reality is that you don’t need what you want for you to be a worthwhile human being and for your life to feel worth living.


So what does admit us into the good life?  What is the cure for the soul-crushing agony of regarding our whole life as one big failure, and ourselves as a pathetic flop?  It’s simple, really. 


Your Access To The Good Life


We merely have to have the courage to live without self-flagellating ideas.  We merely need to set ourselves free to be who we are to experience life as it is unfolding before us right now, without comparing it to an idea or an expectation.  We merely need to allow ourselves to be ourselves instead of striving to prove ourselves.  Life then feels worth living because we are allowing ourselves to be fully alive in the moment, experiencing our life for what it is instead of rejecting it for what it is not.


There is no idea that pounds down your otherwise naturally buoyant spirit that is worth holding onto and comparing your self and your life to.  You can allow yourself to live in the joy, peace, harmony, love and appreciation of this moment without a thought that robs you of the beauty of being your natural you.  Just be yourself and follow your joy to enter the really good life.


Drop Worry-Inducing Standards


Stop trying to standardize yourself!  Whatever you are worried about is just a thought-standard that you are terrified of failing to live up to. 


What would happen if you just took life as it comes in the moment, making your focus and intent living in freedom right now?  What would happen is that you would feel the freedom you want right now, the freedom to feel good within your self and within your life just as is.


Without realizing it you have been like one who is swimming for her life with a ten-pound boulder strapped to her back.  Instead of wondering why you are sinking so low, you have gone about the business of trying to keep yourself up.  That boulder feels like the weight of the world that you are carrying, and in a sense it is.  It is the invisible weight of the world-mind, for everyone about you is operating under the same heavy mental tyranny.  Everyone is trying to live up to an idea, as if the effort to succeed at that will end the torture that the effort itself is producing!


To leave the world-mind, also called the herd-mind, is to lead your life as an individual, free to trust your natural way of harmonious living that gives you the uplifting sense of loving your life just as it is, without needing to cling to any external condition to keep that internal condition of happiness going, glowing and growing.


Happiness Equals True Success


When you feel genuinely happy, your worry-free state gives you the feeling of true success.  Happiness is not a cultural value that we have been hypnotized into believing in.  Happiness is your natural state of success.  When you feel happy you lose your need to compare your self or your life to anyone else’s.  You have nothing more to prove.  Your life is working.  Anyone in the world who feels genuinely happy feels genuinely successful.


We feel like a failure only when we see ourselves as not living up to an idea that we have about success.  You need to see yourself with this sort of mate, in this sort of job, living this sort of life-style or you do not feel worthy of life and your life does not feel worth living.  You imagine something happening in your future that looks like the antithesis of your idea of success and honor and you feel squashed by fear and seared by shame.  You also feel spirit-smashed by regret as you look back at the choices that led you to this dismal end.


It’s all mental!  It’s all false!  It’s all tragically and ridiculously self-imposed!  You imagine that you would be better off if you were inheriting the kind of fortune that your childhood friend is inheriting, and that leaves you feeling deprived, feeling less than, feeling worse off.  But if could simply drop that idea of the good life and live your life in the now, following your sense of the happy path through what is, you would feel uplifted.


As long as you make it your life’s work to live up to self-imposed, mentally fabricated, socially reinforced, desire-stimulating ideas of what you should be and what your life should be, you enslave your self to an unnatural way of living.  Instead of living true to your nature you are trying to live true to your ideas, and this where your self-torture begins.


Exit The Wrong Relationship For You


We can define the essence of the wrong relationship for you as being with someone who is hell-bent on imposing upon you his or her ideas of what you should be.  And when you fail to match those ideas that person feels justified in punishing you with hot condemnation or cold rejection.  You can spend your whole life trying to live up to this person’s expectations, expecting that once you do so you will finally receive the kind of treatment you want from that person.  As you do this, though, it is you, and not that other person, who is making you miserable, because you are choosing to ignore your true nature and its guiding impulses.


The demands that others make upon you, promising that their gifts of love and approval will follow when you follow their demands, are really nothing but distractions.  You need to tune them out in order to be fully tuned in to your natural way of being your self in the now.  That attunement reveals the inner feeling that guides your way of living, the way a musician is guided to play his instrument a certain way based on the feeling of beautiful harmony he wants from the music.


As hard as it is to be in a relationship with another person who imposes demands on you without regard or respect for your need to follow your own natural way of being and living, it is infinitely harder when you are that demanding person in relation to your self!


End The False Pressure


The idea-demands that you impose upon yourself impose a false pressure upon you.  When you base your life on outcomes, without regard to how you feel along the way, you prevent your self from achieving the outcome that you really want, which is to be so in harmony with who you are that you feel truly happy and fulfilled in your life right now.


The unending pressure to live up to our success-ideas, to preserve the situations that support our belief that we are matching those ideas, to avoid or escape from situations that present us with the opposite view of ourselves, make life feel like a living hell, when the real purpose of life is to enjoy this sacred adventure that we are on and to appreciate every sacred instant of it. 


Liberate Your Self From Mental Pictures Of Failure


Ironically, when we are in our state of natural joy we naturally function at our highest, most talented, inspired, noble and gifted levels; we attract the most positive notice from others; and we thus draw to us the very conditions that we formerly felt enslaved to produce in misery.


Learn how to liberate your self from enslavement to ideas of what you and your life must look like in your mind for you to feel successful, to feel worthy of love, approval and acceptance, and to feel that your life is worth living.  Liberate your self from mental pictures of failure. 


As you achieve this liberation you will find yourself simultaneously liberated from being controlled or dominated by anyone who seems to promise that he will give you what you want when you give him what he wants. 


When you feel truly happy there is nothing you really want from another human being, and therefore there is no human being who has any power over you.  You are free to let others be as they are as you free yourself to be as you are.  This is how to instantly enter the good life, no matter what your life may be right now.

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