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In this article we are going to pursue a mysterious, even miraculous path to all you want that just about every human being overlooks – to their detriment – and we’ll see how you can be among the few who take the path to higher consciousness for amazing results. 

Let’s begin with an unusual question: How has your consciousness been today?  That’s not a question we typically think about.  If someone asks us how things are going we think about our physical conditions, like our physical health, our relationships, our job, our finances, perhaps our recent vacation.  What we don’t typically think about is where our consciousness has been.

Your Inner And Outer World

We are conscious of two basic worlds: an inner and an outer.  Your outer world is your physical world, like the condition of your physical body and finances, your work in the world and your physical environments.  These constitute the states of your outer world consciousness. 

Your inner world consists of your thoughts and feelings about your observations.  What you are thinking and feeling right now constitutes your inner world of consciousness.

Consciousness Creates

You can go anywhere in your inner consciousness.  You can go to the moon, go back and forward in time.  You can do anything in inner consciousness.  You can fly to the moon, bend steel with your bare hands and run faster than a speeding bullet.  Wherever you want to go in outer consciousness you can first go in inner consciousness, and this is the secret key to directing your life.

Where you go in inner consciousness determines the direction of your life.  What you do and achieve on a physical level and your ability to solve your problems in life are the results of what you have been doing with your inner consciousness.

As you master your inner world of consciousness you access a power to direct your outer world that most people ignore.  You access this power by intentionally living in inner states of consciousness characterized by thoughts and feelings of joy, success and loving relationships – of health, prosperity and wisdom – of serving a true and higher purpose in our lives.  The more fully and deeply we live in these higher states of consciousness the more we automatically produce the physical conditions that reflect them.


So here is the all-important key that most overlook: the inner produces the outer.  Another way of stating this key is that the outer reflects the inner.  Mastering your inner world masters your outer world. 


Inner Challenges

Most people, however, focus exclusively on outer performance and depend upon that completely.  And what has this done for most people? Most people are financially and emotionally struggling.  Most businesses fail.   Most people feel disappointed in their relationships.  And most live under the assumption that joyful living is irresponsible, that they have to work so hard that they sacrifice their joy on the altar of obligation.

One challenge, then, is not knowing that the inner directs the outer.  Here is another. Directing your inner consciousness does not happen just because you want it to happen, or because you believe that you would be better off if it happens.  No matter how much we want to stay positive, our habitual negative programming and the reinforcement of it that comes at us from the culture of society at large stands in our way. 

The benefits of directing inner consciousness depend upon actual, daily direction of our interior states of consciousness.

How many negative thoughts have you already had today?  How has each one of those thoughts impacted you?  It lowered your mood, drained you of energy and motivation, and therefore had a negative impact on both the quality of your experience as well as the level of your performance; and therefore it has negatively impacted your results.  This means that every negative thought costs you some degree of the way you want your life to be.  It costs you financially, health-wise, in relationship harmony and work success and fulfillment.

Your negative thought patterns are habitual.  Your negative moods and emotional reactions are also habitual.  You have invested years into cultivating these self-sabotaging consciousness habits based on the deeper, programmed belief that only external work can change your external circumstances, and that your internal states are dependent upon your external conditions.  Your underlying belief when it comes to finances has probably been that you cannot feel authentically prosperous when you don’t have the money to get out of debt.  Once you liberate yourself from this belief you can then direct your inner consciousness to produce the external financial condition you want.

The inner world of consciousness is powerless, according to conventional programming, to have any meaningful impact upon our life.  Our inner life, this programming believes, is necessarily ruled by our outer life.  In the area of relationships, for instance, according to this programming, I cannot be totally happy, secure and loving until you do what I want you to do.

The Inspiration To Change

At some point in life we realize that we are tired of feeling unhappy, insecure and pressured.  We want to be done with feeling victimized, sorry for ourselves, discouraged, anxious and just plain miserable.  We want to put an end to the feeling of being unworthy of love, success and happiness.  Once we reach that point we are ready to turn our lives around by turning the direction of our consciousness around.  We are ready to seize control of our inner life to feel the ways we want to feel, to see ourselves in the conditions we want to be in.

As we practice this higher state of consciousness consistently and persistently enough, we find that we can make these inner states of consciousness feel absolutely real, authentic and powerful.  We can live in the consciousness of joy, success, fulfillment, love, forgiveness, abundance and even union with our Divine Source.  We find that living in these internal states brings us all we really want by way of experience.  And then the miracle happens.  We find these internal states manifesting physical conditions consistent with them.

The Process Of Change

Soon after we reach the point when we want to direct our inner states of consciousness, we find that controlling our inner states is far from easy or automatic.  It takes daily practice, deliberate training, and the deepest level of commitment to persevering until we achieve the results we desire from it. 

When we work too hard in any area of life we drain our energy-level to the point that we cannot direct our consciousness.  It takes an abundance of energy to direct your mind and feelings into the inner experiences that you want to have.  When you feel tired, run down, drained and strained your consciousness gets pulled down into lower states of negativity.

Trying to soar in life while sinking into lower states of consciousness like worry, self-pity and resentment is like trying to fly a 4-engine jet by pushing all of your fuel into one engine while the others remain deactivated.  You are bound to burn out the engine in use and to fail to reach  your destination as quickly as you could if you used all of your engines, if you can reach it at all.

The vast majority of your creative power resides in your states of inner consciousness.  Those are represented by the 3 dormant jet engines referred to in the above analogy.  When you are fully utilizing the creative power of your inner consciousness you can easily soar into the heights of joy, faith, love, and enthusiasm.  This is inevitably followed by your physical conditions miraculously configuring into circumstances that reflect, validate and reinforce your deepest happiness.

The Need For Support

As in any field of endeavor, powerful, effective, skillful coaching can be of enormous support to your success in achieving and maintaining higher states of consciousness.  The highest performers in any field utilize coaching to help them excel.  Perhaps the most essential form of coaching needed by just about every single individual is the coaching that supports the continuous development of higher consciousness.  When you support your own best efforts to master your consciousness on a daily basis with the support of an effective coach-trainer in that work, you can overcome the negative, unhappy, self-defeating inner programming to soar into higher and higher levels of super-conscious performance and joy.

The Magic Of Imprinting

The first significant sign that your inner work is working is the experience of a phenomenon called “imprinting”.  Imprinting means that your new, higher way of viewing yourself and your life is now automatic.  You automatically feel and think of yourself as more joyful, powerful, successful and fulfilled. When you have fully imprinted your higher states of consciousness through consistent practice you feel positive about yourself and your life before any outer change has taken place. 

Just as it takes no effort for you to remember that 2+2=4, just as it takes no effort to turn the letters on this page into the words that you are reading, when you have imprinted your higher state of consciousness onto your subconscious you will automatically relate to yourself and to your life as being at higher levels.  This is the sign that your outer life is about to change.

The Too Easy Assumption

It’s all too easy to assume that we already feel consistently happy, successful, powerful, loving and joyful; that we already see our lives working out splendidly in all areas.  When you consciously observe your thoughts during the day, though, you will probably find not only that you fall into negative thinking regularly, but that you excuse your negative thoughts and go into denial about them on a habitual basis. 

For instance, every time you think a negative, critical thought about another person you are slipping into your own negativity. If you are not paying close enough attention to your thoughts you will presume that your thinking is being caused by an external condition.  Looking more closely at your thinking reveals that your negative thought about another person is something you are doing to yourself internally, and that it is draining you of joy and power.

Developing Mastery

For just about all of us, our inner state of consciousness is like a herd of wild horses that we have to tame and train to harness the full power that is available to us.  The full power of inner consciousness is actually infinite, and we master it degree by degree as we utilize every moment, every situation, including the most difficult ones, to exercise our mastery by letting go of negative states of consciousness and cultivating higher ones.


If you would like a way to measure your present level of consciousness, look at your life.  Wherever things seem to be less than perfect in your life, that is where your level of consciousness is floundering.  As you do the necessary work of raising your inner consciousness relative to that problematic situation, you move toward higher states of consciousness and set into motion the manifestation of improvements in that area of your life.

There is no limit to how joyful, optimistic, loving and powerful you can feel.  There is no limit to how marvelous can be your inner vision of any condition in your life.  As you direct your attention within, with the intention of rising into higher levels of consciousness, you direct your life into the fulfillment of its ever higher possibilities.

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