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The Door To Your Success Is Always Open

Here Is How To Walk Through it

Let’s assume for a moment that your life is entirely beyond your control.  At the same time, let’s assume that your life is entirely under the perfect control of the universe.  Let’s assume further that this does not mean that you bear no responsibility.  Your role is to willingly participate in what we can call The Cosmic Agenda.  This means that you will be led, by means of what can be metaphorically described as “an open door”, into the activities that engage you in fully cooperating with The Cosmic Agenda.

If you pay close attention you will be able to see, sense and feel the way that the universe opens up for you to follow in the present moment. 

You will often discover that what you want to do, or what you expect to be yours to do, turns out to be a kind of “closed door”.  In other words, your opportunity for moving forward in the direction that makes sense to you shuts down.  This can transpire in a form as minor as the rain pouring down on the day you planned your outdoor picnic.  It can show up more severely as the frightening loss of a job, an excruciating relationship rejection, or an inhibiting major health condition.

If you relate to your closed doors as negative, with fearful resistance or even just negative complaining, you distract your notice from the way that is opening up for you.  For instance, if you are laid up due to a health issue, your open door might be to simply give yourself the rest and relaxation you need without worrying about the consequences. 

Our primary task in this way of relating to life’s flow is to learn how to fully trust the way that is open, and to fully accept the ways that are closed without a struggle.  This even applies to situations in which we experience indecision.  When you feel blocked from making a decision because you find your options insufficiently satisfying to make up your mind, trust and accept that the situation calls for no decision at this time.  In other words, your open door is to simply let the matter go… for now.

If you find that you cannot let go because you feel too attached to making a decision, than simply trust and accept the fact that you need to experience wavering for now.  Whatever you cannot change, including internal disturbances of thought and emotion, trust and accept what happens as being just right for you for right now.

The way of wisdom, in a universe governed by Perfect Love and Intelligence, is to free ourselves from any concern about the way things are going, even when things appear to be diverging from our deepest expectations, hopes and desires.  While it may not make sense to you in the present, the open way is the one that is actually right for you.  It is not only right; it is perfect.  Our responsibility is to learn to trust and enjoy the open way, to go through it with our full presence and power, feeling perfectly secure regarding where it might be heading.  This is no easy feat when you first begin to attempt it, but with practice it becomes easier and turns out to be your true, joyful and splendidly fruitful path in life.

When something you that you want to occur does not show up, trust that there is a way for you to proceed through what is happening that will bring you all the peace, happiness, fulfillment, love, success and abundance that your heart desires.  You can tell this is the way for you because it is free of opposition, beyond your own internal resistance to accepting the deviation from your expectations.  You will probably find it impossible to envision or figure out how this path can work out, as it may very likely trigger your habit of worry.  As you relax, stop imagining worst case scenarios and avoid prejudging the current of events, and simply open your heart to sense the open way that calls to you, you set yourself free to enjoy your life and manifest greater results than you can anticipate. 

There are times when it seems that every way that makes sense to us confronts with a closed door.  Whatever we attempt seems to fizzle out and come to naught.  When this happens we are called upon to turn within and find utter inner peace without making any attempt to direct events.  This may be the most difficult path, but it proves to be the most self-transformative as it prepares us to totally let go of our attachment to personal control for our full cooperation with The Cosmic Agenda, even when doing so makes no rational sense at the time. 

Comparing our path in life to the path that others seem to be on interferes with our ability to discern our own true open way.  Regardless of how many people seem to live differently, and no matter how successful and happy they seem as they live that way, it has no bearing whatsoever on your true way in the now.  Your open way may lead you in a direction entirely different from the way that everyone else that you know seems to follow.  Your logic and desires may tell you that you need to be like others, but that does not mean you are like them.  Your true happiness, success and fulfillment will find you along the path that is truly right for you, even if that way looks extremely different from the way that others live.

Your true way will likely prove at times to be very different from the way that others demand that you live.  They may accuse you, persecute you, reject or even threaten you in an effort to get you to live according to how they believe they need you to live.  If you cave in to this manipulation you lose your way.  In the process you are actually withholding your cooperation with the way that would actually benefit them the most.  When you live true to your open you, you provide everyone else with what the universe determines in its Perfect Wisdom is truly best for them.

We cannot know for certain that the Cosmic Agenda is real and that living in total cooperation with it is our way of wisdom.  At best, we can assume this to be the case and then act upon the faith that it is.  What we discover as we take this “leap of faith” is that it works!  It works by filling us with the feeling of joyful freedom that proves more fulfilling than any degree of pleasure we might feel when circumstances line up in a way that meets our logical expectations.  We also discover that resisting the open way by struggling against the closed way brings us increasing suffering and feelings of defeat.

Right now there is a way open to you.  Are you ready to take it?

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