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Turn To Your Open Door

The universe closes one door and opens another.  Turn to your open door.

Perhaps you want to be in a relationship but the door that opens for you involves more solitude, with the opportunity to work on your handling of the loneliness that comes up.  Perhaps you want more clients, but the door that opens for you is more free time to do the kind of work you really love, like art or community service projects.  Perhaps you want more money, but the door that opens gives you the opportunity to practice thrift, to be more selective about your expenditures, to clarify your true priorities and to free yourself from the fearful imagining of a future you don’t want. 

The point is that when one door closes, another opens.  You just need to have the attentiveness to notice it and the courage to step through it.  This means trusting in the way the universe works. 

When you cannot have something, or someone, what you can have is where your growth lies.  In a sense, nothing ever changes.  No matter what you do or don’t do you are going to find yourself in the precise position for your growth into your next step in development.  In that sense, you cannot make a mistake and you never really get it right.  You cannot influence the essential outcome one bit.  Whether you do or don’t get what you want, you get what you need to go through and to deal with to grow to your next stage of mastery. 

Getting what you want happens and then it doesn’t happen.  There’s a definite rhythm to it, like the rolling of ocean waves.  Opposites alternate.  Highs and lows go up and down.  No matter how well you do, you are going to face unpleasantness.  No matter how severe your error, you are going to have some good times. 

Neither the pleasant times nor the unpleasant times last, of that you can be sure.  You can also be sure that the one constant is your opportunity to grow.  You are like a seed that has been planted in the fertile soil of existence.  The universe is set up to provide you with just the right nutrients, in just the right measure, in just the right timing for the seed to sprout and gradually develop, stage by stage, into the ultimate flower it is designed to become.  The flower is your higher potential.  The natural order process of its birth, growth and unfolding is something that you can actively cooperate with to accelerate and ease the process. 


You cooperate with your natural order growth process by dropping your personal values when they conflict with what happens.  Your personal value might be to drive to work with no traffic.  If you run into traffic, it is because it is time for you to outgrow your old habits of negatively reacting to the traffic.  You might point out that the reason why you ran into traffic is because you misplaced your keys, causing you to hit the road past the ideal moment.  But such mistakes are bound to happen, no matter how hard you work at perfection.  The point is that no matter how hard you work at doing things perfectly you are going to be facing outcomes that mismatch your personal values.  If you hold onto your personal values and curse your challenges because they mismatch your desires you only make them more painful and you fail to take advantage of the opportunity they present to you, the opportunity to learn and grow from that situation. 

You might wonder, what is the point of learning and growing?  It is not going to make the universe adhere to my personal values.  The point of learning and growing is that you experience the flowering of your greater potential and experience life at higher, more exalted levels.  No longer are you living in the darkness under the earth, but in the bright sunshine in which you flower. 

You have an intrinsic drive, need and urge to grow into the fullness of your potential, and doing so provides intrinsic satisfaction far beyond the transitory pleasure you derive when circumstances match your desires, which can only happen half the time at most.  You can cooperate with your growth all the time, because all that time really is is an opportunity to grow to your next level.

Just as the baby wants to grow up and be like the big people, you want to grow up into the greater expression of your higher potential.  You want to sing like a master, write like a master, love like a master, live like a master. Life is always giving you the opportunity to evolve, no matter how things turn out on the surface.  Your path of growth unfurls as you walk through the open door, rather than fighting against and cursing the closed door.  Walk through that open door with faith in the adventure that it leads to.  There will be new revelations, new powers that you receive, and gradually you will find your faith growing stronger as you realize that whatever happens, the open door offers you wonderful treasures if you simply walk through it with an open mind and a willing heart.

It requires skillful support and assistance assistance in gaining freedom from the fear-based attachments and misleading thoughts that prevent you from recognizing and fully moving through your Open Door. I've been doing this sort of work for 4 decades on a full-time basis.  Contact me to set up a time to chat about my phone-coaching sessions. Also check out my website www.lovethemethod.com for more about the coaching.

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