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Living Bravely In The Now - How To Lead A Great Life

living in the now - team building with conscious individuals

When you are working on your life, sometimes the focus is on the future, and sometimes it is all about the present.

There is a time for visualizing goals and there is a time for living with full attention directed to your present moment experience, alert to follow the guidance that comes to you from within.

There is a time for working on the future, and a time for trusting in the future while you attend to the needs and tasks of the present.

Sometimes, what FEELS RIGHT to do in the now is really all you have to go on.

It feels like FORCING to fix your mind on long-range goals.  Your task is to live fearlessly in the now without desperate clinging for control.

In those moments, you have to “open yourself” up in an inner sense of a grander vision, and maintain that openness until the vision descends or unfolds in your consciousness.

These periods of what we can call, total “now-focus” alternate in a natural, rhythmic way with those periods of clear, grand-scheme goal-vision.

Sometimes your work is just about developing your self-expression, to improve your skills, execution, performance, and the quality of your production.

In other words, sometimes your work is self-work, including the exercise and development of keenly conscious focus of awareness on the now.

When you entrust yourself to the now you may face anxiety over uncertainty of what will be.

You are not working directly on controlling your future in any large way.  You are working on making the most of this present moment, contributing to your future only in the sense that you are following your basic impulse to work on what “feels right” to work on right now.

Living bravely in the moment, fulfilled by the task in which you engage, trusting that to be sufficient for your future to work out - this pretty much describes this phase of destiny direction, this phase of living a great life.

Following the sense of what “feels right” is NOT about superficial, selfish, infantile self-indulgence.

It is really about giving yourself to inner peace, relying on quiet contentment and fulfillment in the now, instead of straining yourself into efforts to control that feel unnatural and fear-based.

You see and lose your ego-attachments in this state, because you are not striving to prove yourself to yourself by acquiring some symbolic measure of success.

You are not trying to “best” anyone else.  You are not fearfully struggling to hold onto any “mask” of superiority or worth.

You are living in awareness, attuning to what is “right” for you to do, what is wise, what is true.  And you are not “forcing” that attunement because you are consciously careful to remain relaxed so you can be receptive to its subtle call.

This is a truly delightful state if you can live in it, free from fear.

It may be the very essence of living in faith.

You are not giving up on your future or giving it over to some “higher power”.

You are entrusting it to your sense of living rightly in the now.

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