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Harness Mind-Power And Active Commitment For Total Success

commitment for success

Your level of success is really determined by just two things: consciousness and commitment.

You can have any form of abundance, all the prosperity you dream of, and any number of accomplishments behind you and STILL find yourself feeling unsuccessful.

To experience success, you have think of yourself as a successful person.

Notice what is going on in your mind if you ever catch yourself feeling like a failure, or feeling disappointed about yourself or your life.

You will see that how you are thinking about yourself and your life is causing you to feel the way that you do.  

Whether you feel like a winner or feel like a loser has nothing to do with your circumstances.  It has to do with how you THINK about your circumstances.

One of the most common mistakes people make – a mistake that costs them their power to succeed as much as they otherwise could - is making the presumption that they MUST think whatever they happen to think.

But whether you imagine victory or worry about defeat is really entirely up to you!  

commitment for successAs you direct your thinking, you direct your destiny.

Those who harness mind power by directing their thought with willpower to envision total success can continually succeed at higher and higher levels.  

To fully harness the great creative power of your mind, don't just visualize yourself succeeding at reasonable levels – envision phenomenal triumph.

Regularly contemplate goals that make your heart and spirit soar, that give you the feeling of a miraculous blessing, of fulfilling your life's high purpose.

The next step to be as successful and fulfilled as you possibly can on a consistent basis is to harness the power of active commitment.

To be actively committed means you are actually doing what you can to reach your goal, not just wishing it would happen.  Not idly worrying about it NOT happening. You are going for it and you are growing for it everyday.

As long as you remain committed to doing what you can each day to manifest the greatest success you can imagine for yourself, you are succeeding at the core level.

We call this core-level success because it lies at the core or foundation of reaching any goal.  

You have to pursue your goal to arrive at it.  Getting on and staying on that path of pursuit is not always easy.  

commitment for success

It's easy to lose your commitment when you encounter losses, disappointments, delays, difficulties and detours.  

To actively commit to success is to enter and advance upon the way TO success, and it is to already BE successful at the core level, because you have to overcome your fears of failure to get on that path and to stay on it.

Every moment is your opportunity to renew your commitment to success, and thus to be successful at that fundamental level.  

It does not matter how far you have strayed from committing to your most spectacular goals.  

In fact, the farther you have strayed the more strength you exercise and demonstrate by re-committing to your goal here and now.

The farther you have fallen, the more strength you demonstrate, and the greater the level of success you demonstrate, by overcoming the resistance to striving for the top from where you are!

When you actively engage in manifesting your vision of total achievement, you will feel better about yourself and feel better about your life than if you give up.  

You will feel uplifted by the power of inspiration and you will feel driven by the power of motivation and you will enjoy each day of your life.

commitment for success

Going for the gold ALWAYS involves risk.  But just overcoming your fear of the risk to go for that gold already sets you apart and places you in the winners' circle of life.

Don't give up on the power of your imagination.  Use willpower to direct your mind power for success by spending time everyday envisioning your life as you would absolutely love it to be.

Then commit to doing what you can, learning what you can, and to the personal development that will help you to do an ever better job of making your greatest dream come true.

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