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Manifest Prosperity With Disciplined Thought-Power – Part 2

To “strike it rich” in the shortest time you need to do more than want to be financially successful.  Many spend their whole lives wanting more money, feeling stuck in lack.

You need to do more than simply work hard, since so many hard working people never seem to overcome money troubles.

And you need to do more than occasionally apply positive thinking, including visualizing yourself as a success, because many who try this end up feeling discouraged by their results.

Succeeding financially demands a particular kind of mental discipline that very few know about and apply, which explains why the vast majority of people struggle financially. 

Positive thinking is essential to grow more prosperous, but few teachers of the subject fully convey the kind of mental training required to fully tap our mental wealth creation resource

Manifest Prosperity With Disciplined Thought-PowerTo succeed in wealth building you need to do more than spend five minutes on consciously directed creative visualization.  You may need to spend DECADES in this work.

There is no “easy short-cut” to directing your destiny in any major way.

You need to be in conscious control of your thinking all the time in order to:

  • Keep your mind focused on what you want to accomplish
  • Avoid slipping into negative thought-habits that focus your mind on where you do NOT want to be.

Thinking negatively carries as much creative power as thinking positively.

We all must overcome habitual fear-based thought-patterns that arise in response to our confrontation with the limits of our control.  

Every time you worry about, or imagine yourself, financially failing your creative mind power produces that money-problem for you.

Mastering your mind to direct your life demands that you overcome 2 common, related, self-defeating mental habits:

  1. Unconscious thinking 
  2. Automatically becoming absorbed in whatever thought that happens to pop into your head.

Manifest Prosperity With Disciplined Thought-Power

We develop mental control gradually, by working at it relentlessly.

The foundation of that self-work involves deliberately paying attention to your thinking as continuously as you can. This slowly but surely increases awareness of what the mind is up to.  

As you become more aware of your thinking you can more quickly recognize and let go of:

  • Negative thoughts that would sabotage your success
  • Purposeless, trivial thinking that contributes nothing to the manifestation of what you desire and therefore delays your manifestation process 

The more quickly you recognize when your thoughts have begun drifting off track, the more quickly you can intentionally replace them with positive thoughts that propel you toward your goal.

A positive thought that advances the manifestation of your goal affirms, imagines or conceives of you happily experiencing the conditions that you intend to manifest.

Manifest Prosperity With Disciplined Thought-Power

You affirm your success and prosperity by stating or chanting to yourself silently or aloud a verbal declaration of success, like, “I am successful and prosperous.”

You imagine your prosperity and success when you mentally visualize yourself in the conditions you want to manifest.

You conceive of your prosperity and success as you contemplate the details of what those blessed conditions mean to you, like a certain income level, life-style, type of contribution to the world, etc.

Manifest Prosperity With Disciplined Thought-Power

The point to keep in mind is that you have to be financially successful in your mind on a long-term, consistent basis to manifest financial success in the physical dimension of your life as soon as possible.

Part 3 of this Motivational Wisdom Self-Help Article Coming Soon...

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