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Establish Your Boundaries In The Workplace - How To Say "No" To Your Boss

It can be frightening to say “No” to your boss, or to establish a personal or professional “border line” in other ways.

But there are times when you need to establish your professional and personal boundaries.

YOU are responsible for establishing the professional and personal limits that truly work for you.  

Saying “Yes” to every demand your employer makes does not 

insure your job security, promotion or pay-raise.

If you give too much you take too much from other essential areas of
 your life, including your health and your family.

When employees resent their employer for demanding too much of them, they are really ducking their responsibility to honor their own appropriate limitations.

Your employee cannot really take advantage of you 

without your cooperation!

It is possible that your boss will reject you because you refuse to lose your balance for your job, but if that happens, you will find yourself in a better job.

When you lose your balance you lose your power to attract conditions that work for you.  You become weakened in every way, meaning that you will soon find that even this job becomes less secure, despite your unbalanced effort to preserve it.

Essentially we each must trust and rely upon our own power to produce the circumstances we want in life.

Your self-empowerment is crucial for you to direct your own destiny.

One purpose of establishing boundaries in the workplace is to preserve your power to do your best work and produce the best results.

Bosses who over-step boundaries routinely are really about “stealing your power”, even if they do not realize it.

Out of their own insecurity they want to take your power from you, despite the fact that a weaker worker produces poorer results and depends too much on the boss for direction.  This excessive dependency disempowers the boss because now he or she has to be more directive.

Some bosses will test key employees to see how strong they really are, and to see how good their judgment really is.  They will intentionally make excessive demands just to see how you respond.

They might even insist that you need to meet an unreasonable, even senseless demand to prove your loyalty, while they secretly hope that you will stand up for yourself in the workplace to show them that you really have the capacity to think well for yourself, proving that you are someone they can count on and trust.

Asay no to your boss “good” boss will actually respect and appreciate your efforts to establish appropriate boundaries in the workplace, because those ultimately prove to be in the best interest of the organization as a whole and your boss in particular.

How To Establish Boundaries Correctly

The first point to remember is that establishing proper boundaries is a skill and strength that develops through practice.

Step 1: Make sure that the boundary is really necessary.  Develop a clear sense of your priorities to accurately judge if meeting a boss' demand or expectation is really worthwhile.

Step 2: Establish yourself in peace and poise before asserting your position.  If you feel emotional when you attempt to establish a boundary, you risk coming off to weak and unsure of yourself, which undermines a boss' confidence in you.


Finally, don't take advantage of your employer by being overly self-serving.  If you take advantage of your boss or of the company you say no to your bosswork for, your lapse in integrity is sure to catch up with you.

Establish personal and professional boundaries in relationship with yourself to remain consistent with integrity.

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