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Team Building Through Individual Self-Development

For a work team to be more successful, each member of that team needs to grow.

A team can be no more effective than the individuals who comprise it.

As each individual works on self-growth, the team as a whole grows more successful.

So for team building it is helpful to understand the self-growth process.

Following are two keys for self-development that will help team members and team leaders advance through more successful team building.

The first is self-awareness.  The second is life-balance.

Before we make a significant break through in our growth process, we sometimes experience an inexplicable wave of "psychic darkness".  

Your thoughts and feelings wax negative.  You might experience a loss of faith at a very deep level.  Anxiety, discouragement, regret and sometimes a feeling of being utterly lost can engulf you.

When you recognize a wave of inner darkness engulfing you, try to remember that it represents the darkness before the dawn.

To diminish your suffering and accelerate your passage from darkness into light, go through the darkness CONSCIOUSLY.

Instead of resisting the experience, just pay close attention to the experience, noticing how you think, feel, speak and act while you are in the "darkness".

Going through the experience more consciously transforms the darkness into the light of higher awareness, which restores faith and the joy and inspiration that faith brings.

You w
ill emerge from this dark cycle into a condition of greater internal liberation than you had going into it.

In other words you will have more power to direct your life and create the conditions in life that you desire. 

Sometimes people bring on their dark cycles
through unbalanced living.

An unbalanced state attracts negativity and chaos like a magnet.

By restoring your balance, the wave of darkness may pass more quickly, and by maintaining balance you can avoid needlessly making your life more painful, and your attitude more dark.

Living in balance increases our power to live a happier, more successful life.  It increases our power to achieve our goals and to solve our problems.
So how do you achieve balance?  Through conscious measured rhythmic alternation applied to your daily living.

If you spend too much time sitting in a position that felt comfortable to begin with, you experience increasing discomfort and eventually increasing pain.

Similarly, spending too much time in one location or engaged in a single type of activity produces increasing discomfort and eventually pain.

Balance is a condition you can FEEL.  As you become unbalanced you feel more irritated, anxious, confused, frustrated.  This makes it impossible to accurately understand what is happening and what you need to do about it. 

As you apply more conscious measure in your daily living, you will more accurately sense when you need to alternate.

As you apply conscious, measured rhythmic alternation you release your higher potential, experience more joy and faith, find it easier to get along with others, and produce more of what you desire in your life.

Living in an unbalanced way generates unbalanced emotions, mental confusion, chaos and conflict.
Be sure to bring a balanced rhythm into your life.  Take breaks from mental work to do some physical exercise.

Alternate from a period of being sedentary and in a single indoor location by taking walks outside, whatever the weather.

Shift the focus of your attention from the computer screen to viewing nature.  Take breaks from alone time to spend time around people, watching them even if you don't interact with them.
Balance work with play, rest and spiritual activity like prayer or inspirational reading or meditating.
We cannot break the law of balance without breaking our spirit.
As you bring more conscious, measured, rhythmic balance into your daily life you will feel more uplifted, empowered, and free.

As a result of your self-growth, team building
takes place and you contribute to your team's ability to function more successfully.

Support the individual self-development of your work team. 
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