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Succeed With Awareness Through Meditation Now

The practice of meditation has been taught for centuries as an essential means for spiritual growth, inner peace and enlightenment.


But there is at least one form of meditation practice that is one of the most practical things you can do for success.


The way to practice this form of meditation could not be simpler.


Simply direct the focus of your attention onto the present moment.


That's really all there is to it.


Deliberately keep your attention PRESENT for as long as you can.

Now don't confuse THINKING about the present with actually directly observing your present experience.  Whenever you think, your attention is drawn out of the now (and into the contents of the thought).

To be aware in the present moment means to directly observe your experience in the now.  If there is thought, notice the thought; just don't get absorbed into the thought.  Stay PRESENT.

The NOW seems like a constantly flowing river when we think about it.  But it is really not flowing at all.  The now simply IS.  It doesn't really go anywhere.  It doesn't really change.  To recognize change is to compare the present with the past – and that means leaving the present to review the past.


This simple way of meditating will gradually still your mind (get rid of that tumultuous cacophony of inner “voices”) and awaken you to more of what is actually going on right now.


This heightened state of awareness helps you to succeed in so many ways.


For one thing, whatever you are aware of you can control.  So the more aware you are, the more control over the direction of your life you have.

Being more aware in the now will reveal that everything you say, think, feel and do is essentially a choice, and your increased awareness will guide you in making choices that work better for you.

 As your mind clears and calms, you gain control over it.  You can direct your thoughts instead of being directed by your thoughts.  You can shift from pointless worry and complaining into constructive problem-solving.

Your relationships will improve as you become more effective at accurately reading the needs, feelings and responses of others.


Beyond this, you will delight in the positive attitude adjustment that results from the restful and exhilarating experience of a more clear and alert state of awareness.


Taking just 15 or 30 seconds to focus attention on your present moment experience every hour during the day gives you freedom from the work-related mental treadmill and gives your mind a REAL break. 


You'll feel more rested, refreshed and inspired; you'll be more productive when you get back to your work; and you'll have more energy when you return home in the evening.


You can practice this form of meditation while you active and while you are inactive.  In fact, practicing it while active will insure that you are as attentive to what you are doing as you can be.


A great time to practice this form of meditation is first thing in the morning. Before you begin any other activity, just sit or lie down and keep attention focused on your present moment experience for five minutes or more.


Another excellent time is while you are lying in bed at night, waiting for sleep to descend.


But don't wait for special periods to practice.  You can practice this form of meditation anywhere, anytime, including while you are driving, waiting on line, standing in the elevator, eating, or playing with your kids.


The fruits of your meditation practice will include:

… Mastery of your thoughts

… Getting to the root of any matter more quickly and easily

… Freeing your mind from buzzing thought-mosquitos that keep you distracted, worried or anxiously awake at night


The more you practice this simple meditation technique the more buoyant your daily spirit will be.  Practicing it when you feel emotional or physical pain or discomfort will bring you at least some degree of relief.


At a deeper level, this practice advances you along a path of realization of your true or authentic self and helps you to release any limiting, discouraging ideas you might harbor about yourself and your life that may have been programmed into you.


As you practice being more aware in the now you will find new opportunities for greater success right where you are.

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