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How To Stop Feeling Frustrated And Bored On The Job

Ever feel frustrated or bored on the job?  The cause may surprise you.

It has nothing to do with a lack of challenge.  It has nothing to do with a lack of purpose.  It has nothing to do with how you are being managed by others.  It has nothing to do with how much money you are NOT being paid.  It has nothing to do with the type of work that you are doing.  It has nothing to do with how repetitive your job might be or with how long you have been doing that job.

It has to do with just one factor: your own inattentiveness in the now.

By simply paying closer attention to what you are doing and what is going on in the present moment, boredom and frustration vanish.

By becoming more consciously engaged in your present moment experience, whatever form that experience takes, you embark on a true adventure.

You don't have to climb Mount Everest, you don't have to take an ocean voyage, you don't have to be anywhere else, do anything else, or have anything else to leave the flatness of boredom and the emptiness of frustration behind.  You just have be more fully present.

If boredom happens to you, you leave it behind the instant that you begin paying closer attention to the experience of boredom.  Really look at it.  Let yourself feel it.  Make it a more conscious experience.  Explore, investigate and discover what is really going in within you.

When you begin to feel frustrated by a sense of blockage, don't fight the experience.  Face it.  Feel the frustration consciously.  Observe the experience of frustration.  Notice your thoughts.  Discover what is really going on within you.

By turning your present moment experience into a journey of discovery, you discover that TRUE enjoyment comes with the discovery of what is really going on.

Frustration ALWAYS indicates a conflict between self and self – or, to state it more accurately, a conflict between self and not-self, or the genuine self and the false self.

In other words, frustration is a sign that you are resisting who you truly are, and struggling to depart from your true path.

To resolve this inner conflict, look for your deepest inner sense of what is truly right for you to do in the now.

Your sense of true guidance comes to you in the form of a feeling of congruence.  You will KNOW through FEELING when you are functioning in line with your true self, when you are being authentic, when you are following your true path in the now.

Instead of lashing out at others or struggling to be in some other situation, look for your true sense of self within.  When you feel right with yourself you feel right with the world and the world feels right for you.

Likewise, boredom indicates a separation from the real self.  Instead of looking for externally induced excitement to capture your interest, become more interested in what is going on within you, in who you truly are, in what you think you want and in why you think you want it.  Look at your thoughts and feelings to distinguish between what you think is going on and what you really KNOW is going on.  Seek your feeling of fulfillment within.

Feelings of boredom and frustration are as foreign to the individual who fully engages attention in the experience of the present moment as are feelings of sorrow to the happily laughing child.

Exercise: To free yourself from boredom and frustration, or to guard against those joy-dissipating states, focus your full attention on your present experience right now.  Try to hold your attention on your experience of the NOW for as long as you can.

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