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Overcome the Fear of Rejection

To Be An Unstoppable Sales Professional


What stops us from making the human connection that can take our business success to the next level?


It's the same thing that stops people socially from introducing themselves to someone they feel a personal attraction toward.


It's the fear of rejection.


Rejection, however, is really nothing to fear.  It is to be expected, though.


If we allow the fear of rejection to stop us we prevent ourselves from going as far as we can go in business and in life.


To overcome any fear, the key is to first understand it.


What causes us to fear rejection is a misunderstanding of what it really means.


Rejection does not mean that you are intrinsically inferior, inadequate or lacking.


It may, however, point to ways that you need to consider self-growth or self-improvement.

But feeling badly about yourself does not help.  In fact it hinders, and it is a choice.

While you may have a habit of automatically making that choice, you can change that negative emotional habit an overcome the fear of rejection.

Rejection does not mean that you are doomed to isolation.


It simply means that there are better connections out there for you.


In life, when one door of opportunity closes, a greater opportunity always follows.


When we struggle against rejection in the hopes of changing another's opinion about us or about what we offer, we usually end up wasting our time and breaking our hearts in the process.


Instead of taking a reactive approach to rejection, take a proactive approach to relationship building.


You take a reactive approach to rejection when you emotionally react with disappointment, frustration or anxiety because you have been rejected or turned down.


You take a pro-active approach to relationship building when you continuously pursue the development of new and better relationships.


Develop the habit of continuous relationship development so that however a particular attempt to create a relationship works out, you are continually moving forward, building relationships with the aim of reaching the next level.


This is how you become an unstoppable sales professional.

Sales success is all about purposeful relationship building.  Identify the kinds of people that you believe can help you to achieve your goals.  Then go looking for them.


You will find the kinds of people you seek.  If one promising possibility does not work out, assume the attitude that there is a vast abundance of other possible connections for you.


Drop the insecure attitude that believes in scarcity in any area of life.  That negative attitude will turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Don't believe in scarcity of economic opportunity, scarcity of creative ideas, scarcity of wonderful people that you can forge meaningful relationships with.


Don't take anyone for granted, but don't place so much importance on any particular connection that you lose your power in a negative emotional reaction if things don't work out the way that you had hoped.


If you feel deeply disinclined to engage in continuous, pro-active relationship building, realize that it is essential for you to overcome this habit in order to accomplish as much as you really want to accomplish in life.


Human beings are contagious.  We become like those we spend time with.  Spending time with intelligent, accomplished individuals that you admire will help you to be more intelligent and accomplished.

So relationships not only open doors of opportunity, they open doors of fulfilling our higher potential, and the higher our self-growth the more powerful, capable and successful we will be.

Whatever the cause of the personal insecurity that holds you back from new relationship building, you can overcome it little by little.  

Consistently take small steps to move in the direction of building relationships with  the kinds of people whom you sense can help you achieve your goals, grow to your higher potential and reach your next level.


Every little thing you do to direct your life sends you in the direction you want your life to go.  

Little by little your small efforts will build up momentum and you will find yourself not just meeting the “right” people, and not just building a positive connection with them, but also enjoying the boost of energy that you experience as you proceed on a pro-active path.


To overcome the fear of rejection, build up your habit of continuously taking action aimed at building and nurturing positive, mutually respectful relationships with individuals who can help you.

Give your sales team a lift with a motivational seminar, dynamic business lunch-and-learn, or group coaching session on how to harness the power of pro-active, continuous relationship building, including how to overcome the fear of rejection that defeats so many sales professionals.

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