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Sell With The Customer Team Building Attitude

Here is a fresh approach to selling: make sales through customer team building.

Sales Success is enhanced when sales professionals know how to team build with customers and prospects.

Succeeding in sales is very much about leadership.  You are leading someone into the outcome that you believe is best for both of you. 

Great leaders succeed because they build great teams that support their vision.

In sales, the primary team that you are building consists of you and your prospect.  

Your prospect needs to perceive you as being on his side, and beyond that, as being a true team player that is all about supporting your team mate to the highest degree.   

So team building is actually a sales skill that has to do with managing the buyer/seller relationship.

You cannot "fake it till you make it" in sales.  Being perceived as your prospect's team mate is not about manipulating the prospect's perspective.  It is about being genuinely interested in doing all you can in service of that individual.

The principle of reciprocity works in all areas of life, including in sales.  This principle states that the more you give, the more you receive.

The more you genuinely care about serving and supporting your clients the more your clients will serve and support you.  (And, just as an aside, the more joy you will experience; because genuinely caring about the people we are serving is a secret of happiness.)

Team building with your customer begins and ends with your attitude.  Your genuine attitude needs to express your sincere intention and commitment to be of the highest value possible to the individual you are there to serve.

Another way of saying this is: the more you believe in what you are selling, the more the prospect will believe in it.

Here is what may be a revolutionary idea to you. Believing in what you are selling has nothing to do with what you are selling.  It has everything to do with believing in your self and in your own value.

People don't by from a sales person; they buy the salesperson.

It is your absolute intention and commitment to BE of the utmost value to the person you are there to serve that translates into the prospect's genuine belief in you.

If people aren't buying, cultivate an attitude of deeper commitment to being of the highest value to everyone.  This will build your belief in your own self-value, and that will make all the difference in your sales success.   

Another important aspect of attitude is this.  Have the attitude that you are there to serve, not to be served.

Your attitude needs to be one of total and complete self-sufficiency.  You are there to give generously, with no feeling of neediness regarding getting.

No one is going to want what you are offering when you are coming from a place of instability, need or want.  You need to be brimming over with an attitude of self-confidence, security and abundance.

This attitude, to be genuine, needs to come from a very deep place within you; from the very core of your being.

This attitude of self-sufficiency is not outcome dependent.  When you feel really confident you don't feel dependent upon any particular outcome.

Your prospect will want what you have when he wants more of what you ARE.  When you are genuinely confident within yourself you can authentically express the genuine intention to be there FOR your prospect rather than for yourself.

This is how to team build for greater sales success.

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