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sales team buildingThis motivational article on how to succeed in sales presents you with a new approach to selling success. It conveys the SPIRIT of TRULY successful sales people.

Those words, “selling success” were carefully selected, because they define what Selling Wisdom is really all about. 

“Selling Wisdom” refers to the deep meaning of selling SUCCESS.  Selling SUCCESS is not just about making a sale.  It is about helping your customer to be successful.

Selling WISDOM refers not just to the wisdom of how to get someone to buy what you are selling.  It is also about how to help a customer make the right or wise choice for himself or herself.  Before you make a sale that is truly right for your customer, you must sell the WISDOM of making that purchase.

I have been “selling wisdom” for all of my adult life.  In my work as a life-wisdom speaker and coach I seek the wise way for dealing with life challenges and then I pass on the wisdom I find to those who seem to be in need of it.

As any effective teacher knows, passing on knowledge effectively is very much a matter of selling the student on the knowledge.  The student needs to feel motivated to do the work necessary to comprehend and retain the message you intend to deliver.  The student (customer) needs to trust the teacher (sales person) and desire what the teacher (sales person) is offering.sales team building

Selling is NOT a dirty word.  It means leading someone along a course of action that truly aligns with his or her best interest.  This is selling with integrity.  Selling WITHOUT integrity is about misleading people to make an unwise choice for the salesperson's selfish, superficial gain.

We can define “wisdom” as the inner guidance that is always leading you along the right direction through life.

The inner guidance of wisdom is always available, but you may not always access it, in part because you may not know how.

As you learn how to access your own inner wisdom you will understand how to help your clients access theirs.

Your sales success really depends upon customers truly benefiting from what you sell.  If purchasing what you have to offer would be unwise for a customer, the sooner you both realize it the better.

It would be a waste of your time, energy, conscience and reputation to labor for a sale that works against a customer's true interest.

You want more than to be financially successful.  You want to feel a sense of fulfilled purpose in what you do for a living.  You want to genuinely serve people, to bring more beauty into the world. 

Integrating the SPIRITUAL dimension into your selling will not make you less effective at making money.  It will empower you to make more money more easily, with more enjoyment and self-respect.

sales team building

To sell wisdom you must first be established in a wise state.

To enter and sell from a wise state means first and foremost to be very aware in the present moment.

You need to be observant, to sense and feel what you are feeling, thinking, saying and doing; and you need to be alert to recognize what your customer is feeling, thinking, saying and doing.  The more conscious you are in the now, the more intuitively you can sense what is really happening between you and your customer, and how to lead the relationship toward where you want it to go.

You also need to be in a state of calm confidence.  In the state of calm, confident awareness in the now you can access your own wise, inner guidance to help you to solve problems, adapt to the unanticipated, recognize the subtle path to victory in the now.

A nervous, insecure, discouraged, impatient, annoyed, emotionally turbulent or stressed out state effectively blocks the subtle whispering of deep, inner feel-knowing that conveys wisdom's guidance.

Your emotional state radiates.  This is a fundamental aspect of Selling Wisdom to keep in mind. How you feel in the present moment radiates from you and influences your customer to feel similarly.

As you remain established in the right state for wise selling, your “radiance” or influence helps your client to enter and remain in the right state for wise purchasing.sales team building

When you and your customer are in “the right state” for wisdom, you can most easily and effectively convey to your customer the wisdom of making the purchase that you propose.

To the extent that you feel nervous, insecure, unsure of the real value of what you are selling, or discouraged by an expectation of failure or rejection, or annoyed or defensive in response to a customer, to that extent your influence sends your customer toward an unwise state, which works AGAINST his or her ability to make a wise purchase with you.

As you develop your own internal connection with wisdom during selling, your positive influence upon your customers grows stronger and stronger.  

You can then help more people to live in the calm, confident conscious state that enables them to live wisely in general, and to make a wise purchase with you.

sales team building

To sell successfully is to first lead the customer into the wisdom of purchasing what you have to offer. 

As you develop your ability to do this, you will enjoy more and more truly meaningful sales success.


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