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Eight Great Sales Team Success Disciplines

A primary discipline for sales success is FOCUS.  Time spent worrying about obstacles or fixating on past disappointments is time, energy and attention being distracted from your goals.

Keep focused on what you intend to accomplish and on what you can do in the present moment to help you to accomplish it.  Living in the now makes perfect sense!

During professional sales interactions with clients and prospects make every moment count, every word count.  Get right to the point, stay on point, give concise, punchy statements that convey the real benefits (not just features) of doing business with you.

Being at your peak in sales effectiveness requires continual training in a variety of disciplines, including time-management, communication, networking, relationship building, how to stay positive and how to set and achieve great sales goals.

Leadership development is crucial for sales success.  

Remember during your interpersonal sales interactions to conduct yourself as a leader.  This includes:

1... Operating with the FEELING of self-confidence and authority.


2... Remember that while you want a successful outcome in each interaction, maintain unconditional faith in the fact that if and when one door of opportunity closes, it INEVITABLY means that a greater door of opportunity is going to open up for you.

3… Remember that effective leaders are motivational.  To be motivational you need to be authentically motivated.  

To make this happen, tap into your motivation when you need to.  One help for this is to think about the fact that you really do have the power to achieve your most amazing goals.  If you find yourself feeling down, give yourself time to just feel your feelings, to process them, to let them flow through you instead of trying to repress them – feelings are like water, they come and they pass away in waves.  Your wave of down will soon be replaced by an opening to feel great again.

4… Effective leaders lead with vision.  Pay close attention to the visions, the thoughts, that take up space in your mind.  When you notice yourself thinking of outcomes and experiences that you do NOT want to have, shift your focus by asking yourself, “What would I love to happen instead?”  

Remember that you bring about what you think about, and that negative thinking (thinking about what you do not want) works just as effectively as positive thinking.  Spend time visualizing the outcomes that you want. 

5... One corollary to point #4 is monitoring how you think of yourself.  You become the self you think about.  Don't automatically identify with negative or disappointing thoughts about yourself that habitually flit into your head.  Thought is a creative power.  Think of the person you want to be and you will be that person.  

When you cannot seem to shake a negative thought about yourself, then just look at it and stay with how it makes you feel.  Remind yourself that your thought of yourself is JUST a thought, just a mental representation.  This will take some power out of it and more quickly return you to freedom.

6… Great leaders are powerful.  To be powerful, avoid wasting your power or energy.  One of the biggest wastes of power is on purposeless and negative thinking.  

Remember that every thought you think is an investment of your energy.  Gaining mastery of your mind protects you from this major power-leak.  When you lack power your level of motivation, and therefore influence, weakens.  

Dutifully discipline your mind in the ability to not think and to direct your thought at will.  One powerful practice for developing this mastery is practicing living with full attention focused on the present moment.  When your mind drifts to the past or future simply bring it back to presently focusing on the present moment experience.  

Do this practice 15 minutes a day or more.  Ideal times are first thing in the morning, while lying in bed with eyes closed waiting for sleep, while driving, while waiting, while walking.  

7... The other great loss of power results from strong negative emotional reactions.  While a flash of anger may make you feel powerful for a moment, it burns power quickly leaving you in a dissipated state.  Indulging in victim-thinking that causes you to feel discouraged, anxious and disappointed is another major waste of power through indiscriminate, habitual emotionalism.  

Practice living more attentively in the now and you will soon notice that emotionalism is often a choice.  You can let go of habitual emotional reaction states more quickly and easily the more PRESENT you are.

8…Remember that great leaders are great communicators.  Great communicators are CONSTANTLY “reading” their listener every moment of the conversation.  Are you speakingtoo loudly, too softly, too quickly, too much?  Are you giving your listener periods of silence for him to process what you just said.  Are you giving too much information?  Are you being long-winded?  Are you being so intense that your thoughts and therefore your speech is losing its focus and clarity?  Is it taking you too long to make your point.  Is your speech meandering and losing traction?  

Practice being more and more aware in the present of yourself, the other person (or people) and the quality of relationship between you.  These are skills that can be developed endlessly.

Finally, returning to the aspect of self-confidence, remember that good luck is always yours!  If you don't see how this is true, shift your perspective until you do!

As you put these eight great sales team success disciplines to work for you, your growing success is inevitable.

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