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Team Building With Prospects For Sales Success

Team building for sales success means positioning yourself as being on your prospect's “side”.  Your prospect sees you as a team mate looking out for his or her best interests.

You can start the team building process with an opening line.  For instance, if you want to sell advertising, you might open the conversation with:

“So, let's see how we can help you grow your business through advertising.”

This act of positioning, of course, needs to be genuine, not just empty words.

People pick up on how we feel, however much we try to mask those feelings.  

When you believe in what you are selling, when you believe that what you are selling truly will benefit your prospect, you transfer that belief to your prospect.

To believe in what you are selling is absolutely crucial for team building your way to sales success.

Your belief in what you are selling needs to be deep, authentic and untarnished by doubt.

To build your belief in what you are selling focus your attention on the benefits of what you are selling.  Think about why what you are selling is worthwhile and how it can help your prospects.  Look for what there is about what you are selling that you can believe in.  Seek and you shall find.  

Avoid the common self-sabotaging sales mistake of waxing negative about what you are selling in private conversations, or in private moments of silent contemplation.

The “trick” is to let go of negative critical thinking about what you want to sell, and to build up your conviction regarding the beneficial nature of what you are selling by contemplating its benefits.

Equally important for team building your way to sales success is to believe in your prospect.  Truly care about your prospect.  Be genuinely interested in your prospect's needs and interests.  Relate in a genuinely respectful, kind and caring manner with your prospect.  

Think of yourself as actually being on your prospect's side.  Think of yourself as your prospect's team mate out to serve his / her needs as best you can.

Practice this when you are interacting with your prospects and when your prospect is not around.  Avoid negative, critical thoughts and speech about your prospects.  

Be a loyal friend.  Be a loyal team mate.  Your prospect will sense this and be more prone to follow your lead for your sales success.

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