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Emotional Intelligence for Sales People

Emotional stimulation stimulates higher sales success.

This was recently empirically demonstrated. A group of individuals were shown emotionally charged videos, after which they were pitched by a salesperson.

It turned out that the members of this group were willing to pay significantly more for what the salesperson was selling than was a group of similar individuals who did not see that emotionally evocative video. 

One interesting factor worth noting here is that whether the video left the audience feeling elated or saddened, pleased or frustrated, encouraged or anxious, made no difference.  It was the emotional stimulation, not the quality of emotion stimulated, that opened up people's wallets and led to a higher value sales closing. 

The lesson: During sales presentations, be emotional.  Convey deep feeling.  Based on the fact that emotional states are contagious, your emotionally stimulating state will stimulate your prospect's emotions.  Particularly at the close of your presentation, end on an emotional note. 

This is a great way to channel any nervous energy you may be feeling during a presentation.  Direct that energy into deep feeling.

We can call this “emotional intelligence for sales people”.  

To develop your emotional intelligence for more successful sales presentations, practice EXPERIENCING and EXPRESSING emotion in sales role-play exercises with fellow members of your sales team.

Practice in the mirror.  Practice in a private space.  And most importantly, practice during your sales presentations.

To use emotion most effectively, however, a successful sales person accurately reads the emotional “comfort zone” of the prospect. 

It's possible to be too intensely emotional. Excessive emotionalism can cause a prospect to feel too uncomfortable to remain engaged. 

So there are basically two levels of practice to develop emotional intelligence for sales success:

1… Pay close attention to your prospect during your conversation to read the body signals that express comfort and discomfort, engagement and disengagement. 

2…  Practice conversing and listening with deep feeling.  

It is not just the degree of emotional intensity a sales professional needs to monitor.  It is also the FORM of emotion.

At any given time your prospect may be more comfortable feeling one form of emotion than another.  You don't want to turn your prospect OFF.

So practice exuding a broad spectrum of emotion in your presentation practices. Exude joy and optimism, commiseration, regret, love, desire, fulfillment, frustration. 

Develop your power to infuse your presentation with deep feelings that come across in a natural way by practicing conveying every type of emotion.  

Your goal is to become more and more adept at matching-up the feeling and feeling-intensity level that you express for peak engagement of your prospect.

Develop your intuitive sense of your prospect's subtle responses by remembering to PAY ATTENTION to your prospect AT ALL TIMES.  

Avoid becoming so wrapped up in what you have to say that you forget to CONSTANTLY observe your prospect for signs of increasing or decreasing emotional connection with you.

Perhaps the most challenging AND MOST IMPORTANT time to exude deep feeling on a sales call is when you are conveying information for your prospect to think about, like different price-points and distinguishing advantages of a variety of offers.  

If you become too “rational” during this portion of your sales close you risk DE-stimulating your prospect's emotions. So practice going over your various offers and price-points clearly WITHOUT losing the emotional momentum.  

Keep your feelings animated.  Convey emotional conviction that what you are selling will benefit your prospect in ways your prospect truly needs and wants.

You can also stimulate emotion by using words like “happiness, sadness, frustration, remorse, trust, pleasure, relief, discouragement, excitement, regret, confidence, anxiety,” etc.  Using verbal labels of emotion can help you keep your prospect's emotions bubbling.

Increase your leverage for a more successful sales transaction by stimulating your prospect emotionally, with awareness of your prospect.  

Use this key to a higher ratio of sales closings. 

Empower your sales team with Emotional Intelligence for a more successful sales force.  Call 404-297-4043 or e-mail for dynamic sales team trainings that raise sales performance.

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